Toledo Rollover Car Accident Lawyer

A rollover accident is where the injured individuals are in a vehicle that rolls over at least once. Being involved in a rollover accident can be a frightening experience. Typically individuals involved in rollover accidents sustain injuries of varying severity. No matter how severe or mild the injury, your utmost priority should be seeking medical treatment. A Toledo rollover accident lawyer can take care of the logistical elements and build you a case so you can focus on healing. If you have been involved in a rollover accident, get in touch with an experienced car accident lawyer who can fight for a positive outcome for you.

Common Fact Patterns

Typical fact patterns are normally the side impacts simply because in those types of situations there are fewer safety devices for the individuals. Side impact collisions and rollover collisions occur more often out in the country where there are ditches or guard rails and the vehicle falls into the ditch or goes over the guard rail. Those would be typical situations where a side impact collision turns into a rollover accident.

What are Some Unique Aspects of a Rollover Accident?

In a rollover accident, the airbags will go off because usually the front of the vehicle is going to be impacted, and this type of injury will cause more injuries, more serious injuries, simply because there is more than one impact. It is more common for head injuries because perhaps somebody is upside down in the vehicle, people are going to be trapped in the vehicle and the jaws of the life are going to be needed to get the individuals out of the car. As a result, there are more traumatic brain injuries and people that are unconscious following the accident.

Safety Tips

If it is snowy or wet outside, a person would probably want to drive more defensively and at a slower speed. By creating more distance between oneself and the vehicle in front of him to allow for more stopping time and more time to take evasive actions to hopefully prevent an accident. Individuals should just drive more defensively to avoid unexpected consequences.

If an individual is stopped at a light and a car is coming right at them and there is no place to go then an individual might not be able to prevent themselves from becoming involved a rollover accident. Another situation would be a rear-end collision where a person is stopped for cars in front of him. Those would be situations where there is no opportunity or ability to take any evasive action whatsoever.

How Would a Plaintiff Go About Documenting a Rollover Accident?

A person should take pictures with their smartphone and get the names of witnesses if possible. In the last year,  police departments are placing cameras on the front of their cruisers as well as the police officers wearing body cameras, so video from any of the police vehicles or body cameras that were at the accident scene are available. Having a body camera means having footage that contains statements from people involved in the accident, and can provide a better insight into what happened. A Toledo rollover accident lawyer can cross-examine the at-fault driver more successfully if they have access to that information.

Steps an Attorney Can Take

A Toledo rollover accident lawyer understands the process of pursuing a car accident case. They will know what the insurance company is looking for by way of documentation, i.e., documentation of the liability, the responsibility for the accident, and documentation of all the damages that a person is going to claim.

In order to maximize recovery, a person really has to put the insurance at risk. The insurance company is not going to pay a person $10,000 unless they think their risk maybe $20,000 or $30,000. By documenting everything and providing the documentation to the insurance company, an attorney can maximize recovery for the client. If you have been involved in a rollover accident, contact an experienced attorney who can be prepared and proactive in proving your case.


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