Case Results

Ohio Settlements, Verdicts & Awards

We work hard to obtain maximum compensation for our clients. Constant communication, tough negotiating and expert trial skills have resulted in us obtaining millions of dollars in settlements for the injured.

Here are just a small portion of the damages we were able to collect on behalf of our clients. Due to the confidentiality clauses in some settlement agreements, we cannot share detailed information about many of our biggest cases on our website.

Wrongful Death Auto Settlement

Wood County women killed on Route 6 in 2017 after defendant crossed the center line. Her husband was taking her to work in snowy conditions and was also injured.

Settlement for a Pedestrian Accident

A 50-year-old man walking on a bridge ends up falling over the bridge onto the ice below.

Awarded to Auto Accident Victim

Lucas County man seriously injured after car fails to yield to oncoming traffic.

Auto Settlement

Elderly Fulton, County woman suffers an ankle fracture, a concussion, and a liver laceration as a result of a teenager running a red light in 2016.

Construction Accident Settlement

Construction manager falls off roof of building while climbing down a ladder set up by a subcontractor.

Low Impact Auto Accident Settlement

A 38-year-old man is involved in a low property damage crash and develops chronic back pain.

Policy Limits Dog Bite Settlement

4-year-old girl is bitten in her face by aunt’s dog while playing in 2016.

Policy Limits Auto / Pedestrian Accident Settlement

College professor is hit in a crosswalk leaving a bookstore in 2017. The investigation reveals a video of the incident.

Drunk Driver Injury Settlement

Our 31-year-old client hired us as her third attorney on the case. Client was injured with a fractured ankle that resulted in several surgeries and eventually a fusion.

Policy Limits Settlement

Fulton County man seriously injured in 2017 when ejected from his vehicle and spent 17 days in the hospital.