Case Results

Ohio Settlements, Verdicts & Awards

We work hard to obtain maximum compensation for our clients. Constant communication, tough negotiating and expert trial skills have resulted in us obtaining millions of dollars in settlements for the injured.

Here are just a small portion of the damages we were able to collect on behalf of our clients. Due to the confidentiality clauses in some settlement agreements, we cannot share detailed information about many of our biggest cases on our website.

Truck Accident Settlement

Our client was stopped at a red light when a semi-truck, traveling at a speed of 60 mph, failed to stop and slammed into the rear of his vehicle.

Husband Loses Wife In Deadly Collision Due To Another Driver’s Failure to Control His Vehicle

On an icy morning in January, our client offered to drive his wife to work due to inclement weather conditions that had begun overnight. The loving couple bundled up and left early allowing plenty of time for slow travel into work. Our client and his…

Wrongful Death Auto Settlement

Wood County women killed on Route 6 in 2017 after defendant crossed the center line. Her husband was taking her to work in snowy conditions and was also injured.

Settlement for a Pedestrian Accident

A 50-year-old man walking on a bridge ends up falling over the bridge onto the ice below.

Civil Rights Violation upon Police Officer’s Deadly Shooting of 39-year-old Male

On April 10, 2013 a 39-year-old male visited his local gun shop to practice shooting his handgun at the shooting range. During his time at the shooting range the male was described as calm and rational. Upon leaving the shooting range he got into his…

Worker Injured On Crane Hoist Endures Years of Suffering

Our client was on the job, working as a laborer for a farm co-op when he was asked to make a repair to the grain silo. He was placed in a bosun chair with a harness and was suspended from a crane by a third-party…

Woman Undergoes Seven Surgeries As A Result Of Other Driver’s Failure To Yield

On a November afternoon our client was traveling northbound on County Road 178 in the Township of Ballville, Ohio. A vehicle traveling southbound on County Road 178 turned left into our client’s path of travel, striking the front driver’s side and pushing our client’s vehicle off the right side of the road, which eventually came to stop in a field. Both vehicles sustained significant damages.

Man Killed in Horrific Junkyard Explosion

In November of 2017, our client’s 41-year-old father was working at a junkyard cutting parts off a pickup truck with a torch. As he worked that morning, gasoline vapors ignited and erupted into a blazing fire and an explosion so powerful that it shook nearby…

Awarded to Auto Accident Victim

Lucas County man seriously injured after car fails to yield to oncoming traffic.

Workers’ Compensation Claim and Personal Injury Lawsuit Arise From An Automobile Collision on State Route 101

On a spring afternoon our client was traveling, in a company vehicle, along State Route 101 in Margaretta Township, Erie County, at a speed of approximately 50 mph. Another driver, operating an employer-owned-truck full of iron, failed to yield while exiting a private drive and…

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