Toledo Construction Accident Lawyer

Every day, workers on Ohio’s construction sites must handle dangerous tools and equipment while working under very hazardous conditions, including working at great heights, alongside busy roads and highways, and outside in volatile climates.

When site owners and general construction sites fail to adequately prepare a worksite for every safety contingency, injuries and fatal deaths are often the grim results. Large and small road improvements and building projects are underway in many parts of northwest Ohio, especially in larger cities like Toledo. The number, rate, and severity of construction site accidents are also on the rise, increasing the need for a Toledo construction accident lawyer. An experienced personal injury attorney can help recover compensation for any damages sustained and ensure that as strong a claim as possible is filed.


Does Workers’ Compensation Cover Construction Site Injuries?

With the many risks involved in construction work, it’s not surprising that this type of work accounts for a larger percentage of workers’ compensation claims than any other profession. But in many of these cases, Ohio’s workers’ compensation laws simply don’t provide ample compensation to cover the full needs of severely injured construction workers. While Ohio worker’s compensation does provide a short-term stream of income to the injured worker, many workers’ compensation laws have fixed time limits and compensation levels for specific injuries.

For instance, a long-term leg disability may get you $75,000, given to you on a weekly basis over five years. While it’s better than nothing, workers comp doesn’t provide compensation for the extenuating circumstances that often accompany severe injuries – such as pain and suffering and the loss of quality of life. Accepting worker’s compensation often prevents an employee from suing responsible parties for other circumstances surrounding the injury. A skilled lawyer could help you fight for comprehensive compensation after a construction accident.

Types of Accidents that Occur at Worksites

In a profession where the potential for severe and violent accidents is everywhere, some of the most catastrophic forms of injury and death occur as a result of:

  • Falls from roofs
  • Crane and heavy equipment accidents
  • Scaffolding collapses
  • Structural cave-ins
  • Electrocution
  • Fires and explosions
  • Compressed and natural gas explosions from underground pipes and cables
  • Welding accidents

Construction is a dangerous industry, but workers should not have to suffer due to preventable accidents. An attorney can help construction workers pursue compensation for their damages.

Common Injuries Associated with Construction Mishaps

The resulting injuries a construction accident attorney in Toledo can help with include:

Because construction workers often perform demolition work on older buildings, they are also the most common victims of toxic exposure to dangerous substances, such as asbestos. These types of life-lasting injuries and illnesses aren’t adequately covered by workers’ compensation, and a worker or their lawyer has a right to investigate an accident in an effort to understand every cause of his or her injury.

Chuck Boyk has a solid record of helping construction workers investigate the circumstances of their injuries, and helping them obtain what they truly deserve.

How Do You File An Injury Claim for a Worksite Accident?

In order to receive compensation for injuries beyond what workers’ compensation affords an injured worker, negligence must be found in a third party – which is usually either the owner of the premises where the injury occurred or the manufacturer of construction equipment that contributed to the injury. A knowledgeable accident attorney can uncover federal and state regulations governing the safety of construction sites, and the responsibilities incumbent on property owners and contractors to provide an environment designed to prevent injury, not enable it.

Contacting a Toledo Construction Accident Attorney

Chuck Boyk can build your case against owners, general contractors, and subcontractors that may allow for legal action and a more reasonable amount of compensation for an injury. Beginning his work with a full inspection of the worksite, identification of critical witnesses, and preservation of important evidence, our Toledo construction accident lawyers are there for injured workers throughout every step of the legal process, up to and including a trial in a court of law.


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