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If you have been injured by the carelessness of another person or organization, a Gibsonburg personal injury lawyer can help you file a claim to obtain compensation.

The prospect of filing a claim against another individual or large company may seem intimidating to many victims, but if you do not file, you will be stuck paying for your own medical care after an accident. This is simply unfair, especially if your injury leaves you unable to work and provide for your family.

If you are considering filing a personal injury claim, keep reading to learn more about personal injury law and the benefits of hiring a dedicated Gibsonburg injury attorney.

Understanding a “Duty of Care”

In Ohio, the Gibsonburg personal injury lawyer of the plaintiff will need to prove that the defendant behaved negligently, and in turn, caused the plaintiff to sustain an injury.

To do this, they must prove that the defendant owed a duty of care to plaintiff and this duty of care breached in some manner. All individuals have a duty of care to others in most situations.

For example, if a person owns a store, they owe a duty of care to their customers to ensure that walkways are clear of any obstructions. If a customer falls on their premises, they are in violation of their duty of care.

Benefit of an Attorney

When a person is injured due to the negligence of another person, they will need to hire a Gibsonburg personal injury lawyer. Defending oneself in court is never a good idea, especially since the defendant will more than likely have a team of insurance representatives and lawyers on their side.

An attorney can provide guidance and give the injured person access to a wealth of legal knowledge. Attorneys can also help in the following ways:

  • Collecting official records and documents
  • Taking action on behalf of their client
  • Performing in-depth legal research
  • Reviewing and analyzing evidence
  • Planning and executing a legal strategy
  • Interviewing witnesses

In many cases, lawyers will also negotiate with the attorney(s) or insurer(s) of the defendant. Simply put, with a lawyer on their side, injured individuals are much more likely to succeed in their case.

Dealing With Insurance Companies

Insurance companies can be remarkably difficult to deal with, and they all have one goal in mind – to avoid having to pay the injured person compensation. Often, insurance companies will hire their own lawyers, who will attempt to prove that the injured person is responsible for their own injuries.

It is exceptionally important to avoid speaking with these individuals at all costs without a Gibsonburg personal injury lawyer present, even if they seem interested in the well-being of the injured person. Doing so can greatly jeopardize the outcome of a case.

Contact a Gibsonburg Personal Injury Lawyer

No one wants to have to file a suit against another person or organization, but sometimes, it is unavoidable. By hiring a Gibsonburg personal injury lawyer, you can be sure that your rights as a victim are protected in court. You can also be sure that your attorney will fight aggressively for your right to compensation from the responsible party. Contact an attorney today.

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