Gibsonburg Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Some of the most vulnerable people on Gibsonburg’s roads are motorcyclists. Even when bikers use the most advanced helmets and wear all available safety gear, an accident can still have a catastrophic effect. Because of this, many drivers assume that bikers accept all risk whenever they ride. However, Gibsonburg law gives the same protections to motorcyclists as all other motorists.

A Gibsonburg motorcycle accident lawyer represents bikers who suffered injuries in accidents that were the fault of other drivers. An experienced personal injury attorney’s goal is to protect bikers’ rights and obtain the compensation they deserve.

What is the Gibsonburg Motorcycle Accident Claim Process?

As soon as an accident happens, the insurance companies for both drivers will jump into action to create a case file and defend their driver. For this reason, it is imperative to prepare for the claim. An important first step to take is to call the police and a Gibsonburg motorcycle accident lawyer. Not only is this mandatory under Gibsonburg law but the responding officer will create an accident report that serves as an unbiased account of the accident.

The next step is to obtain all necessary medical attention. This can include anything from an ambulance trip to surgery, to rehabilitation. While it may be costly to get this treatment, a successful claim requires precise medical documentation and bills. Many defendants’ insurance companies like to take advantage of unrepresented bikers who file claims. They may work to trick plaintiffs into signing unfavorable statements or try to convince them that their case has no value.

What Protections do Bikers Have Under the Law?

Despite what some drivers believe, bikers have the same rights and responsibilities on the road as everyone else. This extends to the right to sue other drivers for injuries that result from negligence.

All drivers assume a duty to drive in a way that does not place other people at unnecessary risk of harm. If they break this duty by speeding and an accident happens, they are legally liable to pay for all damage caused. The fact that an injured person was on a motorcycle is irrelevant. All negligent drivers are responsible for all damage caused.

When to Pursue a Claim

However, even the clearest case of driver negligence will fail if the case does not begin on time. Gibsonburg law contains a concept known as the statute of limitations that controls when a plaintiff can file a case for personal injury.

Under Ohio Revised Code 2305.10, any claim alleging personal injury must start no more than two years after the accident took place. Insurance companies are aware of this rule and will not negotiate a settlement if this time limit expires.

How a Gibsonburg Motorcycle Accident Attorneys Can Help

Bikers who suffered injuries in a motorcycle accident may be confused as to their rights. You have the right to recover compensation for your injuries whenever another driver is at-fault for an accident. This compensation can provide payment for not just medical costs, but also for lost wages or mental anguish.

A Gibsonburg motorcycle accident lawyer can represent motorcyclists in their claims against insurance companies. By forming detailed and powerful demand packages, an attorney aims to bring each case to a settlement for its full value. If the case needs to go to court, a lawyer can argue your case before a jury to get you the compensation you deserve.

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