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A personal injury can create an undue burden in the victim’s life. In addition to the physical pain associated with recovery, a traumatic injury can significantly impact various areas of an injured victim’s life, including the victim’s ability to remain in their current position at work, remain active in their child’s extracurricular activities, or develop and/or maintain an intimate relationship.

When facing such serious consequences and when so many things are outside of the victim’s control, it is important for an injured victim to take control in the areas that she or he has the ability to retain some measure of control.

If you have suffered an injury following an incident or accident, you should consult with an experienced Perrysburg personal injury lawyer. Contact a skilled attorney so that you can focus on your recovery while they focus on protecting your legal rights.

Examples of Personal Injuries

It is fairly common knowledge in personal injury law that victims of motor vehicle accidents may be able to file a lawsuit in civil court to recover damages, but it may not be common knowledge that personal injury cases are not limited to people that are injured in motorcycle, car, truck, and motorcycle, accidents. Injured victims may be entitled to recover damages in multiple cases including, but not limited to:

  • Pedestrian
  • Bicycle
  • Defective products
  • Slip and fall
  • Medical malpractice and negligence
  • Premises liability

Filing a Claim Within the Statute of Limitations

There are time limits for injured victims in personal injury cases to file lawsuits. These limits are known as the statute of limitations. When a claim is not filed within the limited window established, there is a high likelihood of it being dismissed because the claim is time-barred.

In Perrysburg, injured victims have two years from the date of the injury to their person or their personal property, to file a claim before they are time-barred from doing so. That is why individuals should get in touch with a Perrysburg personal injury attorney, following an injury due to negligence.

Responsible Party

In personal injury cases, the responsible party may not always be easily identifiable. In vehicle accident collisions when a driver is hit in the rear, the person responsible may seem clearer; however, it may not be. A driver that rear ends an injured victim may have been driving a vehicle when the brakes failed for reasons unrelated to the driving failing to properly maintain the vehicle.

Another example would be when a person slips and falls in a store that is leased by a retail established and the owner of the build contracts maintenance to a third party, the responsible party is less clear. There is always a possibility of an unknown factor until an accident has been thoroughly investigated. A skilled Perrysburg personal injury lawyer is experienced in determining the responsible party when there are multiple parties involved.

How a Perrysburg Personal Injury Attorney Can Help

Personal injury lawyers can be of great assistance following a personal injury accident because they are familiar with the process. They understand the details and the evidence that is necessary and relevant, the insurance claim process, and how to evaluate claims to determine the most appropriate damages.

Talking to the insurance company without contacting an attorney could be the difference between a claim not being taken seriously and being able to recover.

If you or a loved one has suffered an injury following an accident do not delay in contacting a Perrysburg personal injury lawyer to ensure that your right to recover damages is preserved.

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