Perrysburg Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Contrary to the stereotype, bikers themselves tend to be very safe motorists. They are keenly aware of the size difference between their vehicle and the cars and trucks surrounding them. This causes motorcyclists to exercise extreme caution when riding. Other motorists are rarely as cautious as the average biker.

In spite of their cautious driving, motorcyclists still find themselves in serious accidents. If you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle accident, consider reaching out to a Perrysburg motorcycle accident lawyer. Call today for a confidential consultation with a qualified attorney.

Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

As mentioned above, motorcyclists themselves tend to be safe drivers. Many times, motorcycle crashes occur through no fault of the bikers themselves. Common causes of motorcycle wrecks include:

  • Drivers failing to check their blind spots before changing lanes
  • Drivers failing to spot oncoming motorcycles when making a left turn
  • Drivers following motorcycles too closely and rear-ending them when the biker comes to a stop
  • Drivers opening their door into traffic when parked along the road
  • Speeding, drunk, drugged, drowsy or otherwise distracted drivers
  • Dangerous road conditions

Danger of Motorcycle Accidents

When motorcycle wrecks do occur, the results can be life-threatening. Without the shield of steel and glass that drivers of cars and trucks have, motorcyclists are exposed to the elements as they collide. Road rash is a common injury associated with bikers, but few people realize just how dangerous it can be. Not limited to just a few cuts or wounds, skin can be torn away completely by the pavement.

Head injuries are also common among bikers. Even with helmets on, their heads are subject to thrashing when a collision occurs. Many traumatic brain injuries go initially unnoticed by victims after a crash, but closed head trauma can occur and impact a person for the rest of their life.

Motorcycle accident victims should always seek medical attention after a collision, even if they do not appear to be injured. And once they have received proper medical attention, they should contact a Perrysburg motorcycle accident attorney

Recoverable Damages for Motorcycle Accident Victims

If a negligent driver caused a motorcycle accident, the injured victim may be able to seek compensation. Common types of damages sought by victims of motorcycle wrecks include:

  • Medical bills. No victim should have to shoulder the weight of costly medical bills if their accident was caused by another person’s negligence
  • Lost wages. Victims often need to miss work to recuperate from their injuries. An attorney can help them recoup the money they lost out on when missing shifts
  • Loss of earning capacity. When an injury permanently impacts the way a person does their job, it can threaten a victim’s livelihood. Compensation can be sought in those circumstances
  • Pain and suffering. Money cannot change the pain endured by the victim, but it can make the healing process a little more bearable

How a Perrysburg Motorcycle Accident Attorney Can Help

If you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle accident, a Perrysburg motorcycle accident lawyer can help you seek compensation. By investigating your accident, an attorney can help you determine what recompense you may be entitled to.

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