Perrysburg Bus Accident Lawyer

A bus could be a reliable form of transport for many around Perrysburg, and when riding on one, you may expect to safely arrive at your destination. Despite the assumption of safety, bus accidents occur at a comparable rate to traditional car accidents. The resulting injuries are typically more severe for the former. Buses typically do not contain seatbelts or other restraints, and this lack of protection could increase the likelihood that an individual might be injured in a crash.

Those who were hurt in such incidents could recover under personal injury law with a Perrysburg bus accident lawyer’s help. If you or a loved one were injured in a bus accident, contact an accomplished personal injury attorney to help evaluate your legal options as well as your potential to recover compensatory damages.

Who is Liable in a Crash?

In any situation, a driver owes a duty of care to passengers and others sharing the road. If a driver behaves negligently and causes an accident, they could be held accountable for the damage caused. Individuals who were injured could recover monetary damages for their injuries and any potential expenses they incur.

In the case of a bus accident, the situation could be more complex. Due to the high volume of individuals who may potentially be impacted, there are a wide variety of people who could potentially recover. These individuals may include:

  • Bus passengers
  • Drivers or passengers in separate vehicles involved in an accident with a negligent bus driver
  • Pedestrians or bicyclists struck by a bus

The bus driver’s employer—which may be a private company or a municipal authority—may ultimately be responsible for paying damages in certain situations. A Perrysburg bus collision attorney could explain how the legal theory of respondeat superior could be invoked in a bus accident case.

Under this theory, the employer is liable for the negligent acts of its employees if the action in question occurred during relevant employment activities — or, while the bus driver was performing their job. A plaintiff could possibly hold both the bus accident driver and the bus company liable for damages sustained in the accident.

Accidents Involving Government Entities

Buses involved in accidents could be owned privately, as the case may typically be with tour buses, or owned by a government entity, as is the case with public transportation or public school buses. The type of bus involved impacts how a claim for injury resulting from a bus accident would proceed. A bus accident lawyer in Perrysburg could explain the differences that may apply after reviewing the facts of an incident.

While the government usually has immunity against various types of personal injury claims, the Political Subdivision Tort Liability Act could be useful in pursuing a claim for damages. The act provides an exception to the generally applicable immunity. It may allow an injured party to recover if their injury was sustained due to the negligent operation of a government-owned vehicle while the employee was performing their job function.

Talk to a Perrysburg Bus Accident Lawyer

While a bus company or owner’s liability insurance policy could pay benefits that are higher than an individual driver’s policy, these companies are often highly motivated to award the smallest amount of compensation possible. They also may have the ability to employ large legal teams that could confuse or intimidate potential claimants.

A seasoned Perrysburg bus accident lawyer could understand this and may be able to negotiate with the insurance company to obtain a fair and full settlement.  In cases where an appropriate settlement cannot be reached, your attorney could help you understand your options for pursuing legal action against both the driver and owner. Call today to get started on your case.

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