Perrysburg Product Liability Lawyer 

Consumers expect the products they buy for their families to be effective, reliable and above all, safe. When a company fails to design or manufacture a safe product, injuries can result. Similarly, products that have been repaired incorrectly can also cause accidents. Countless unsuspecting people are injured by defective products each year.

If you or a loved one has been injured by a defective product, you may be entitled to compensation from the seller, installer, distributor or manufacturer. A Perrysburg product liability lawyer can help determine if you have a case. Speak with a skilled personal injury attorney to set up a confidential consultation and explore your legal options.

Injuries Caused by Defective Designs

When products have flawed designs, people can be injured even when using the product as intended. Other times, manufacturers fail to adequately warn consumers of the known risks associated with use of the product.

When companies fail to thoroughly test designs or fail to alert consumers of hazards, they put profits above the safety of their customers. A product liability attorney can help injured victims hold such companies responsible for their actions.

Injuries Caused by Manufacturing Defects

Even when a design is safe, the manufacturing of the product can result in dangerous outcomes. This is a frequent problem with food products that are processed improperly. Foreign particles, disease, and other issues can arise, sickening customers oblivious to the risk.

A Perrysburg product liability lawyer can help victims investigate the manufacturing of dangerous products and bring the company responsible to justice.

Recoverable Damages for Victims

Victims injured by a defective product may be eligible for compensation. Settlements often include recompense for:

  • Medical bills: From the ambulance ride to the cost of surgery and the ongoing physical therapy appointments, healthcare is expensive. No victim injured by a defective product should go into debt because of medical costs. Compensation can be included in the settlement for such costs
  • Property damage: If the defective product damaged a person’s home, car or any other property, the victim can be compensated for repairs or a replacement
  • Lost wages: While a victim is recovering from their injuries, they often need to take time off from work to recuperate. Many times, missed shifts mean missed paychecks. A settlement can ensure victims are compensated for the wages they lost out on because of their injury
  • Loss of earning capacity: A person’s loss of a limb, loss of hearing, loss of sight or any other permanent disfigurement can severely impact their way of life. In some cases, it can even leave a person unable to perform their duties at work. Compensation may be available to make up for the victim’s lost economic opportunities

Every case is different and it is impossible to speculate what a given claim may be worth. Speaking with a Perrysburg product liability attorney can help clarify a victim’s rights and best course forward.

Contacting a Perrysburg Product Liability Attorney

Ohio product liability laws ensure that virtually everyone in the distribution chain can be held liable for defective products. A Perrysburg product liability lawyer can help victims investigate the defective product or device, identify responsible parties and bring them to justice. Call an attorney to set up a confidential consultation and determine what steps to take next.

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