Gibsonburg Dog Bite Lawyer

Many states enacted one-bite laws. These laws govern when people injured by dogs can sue owners for damages. In short, under these laws dog owners are only liable if they know their dog had a violent past. However, Gibsonburg’s statute governing liability for dog bites is not a one-bite law.

The law clearly states that a dog’s owner is liable for any damage caused by a dog bite. This damage can extend to the medical costs associated with treating the bite but also covers any property damage caused by the incident. A Gibsonburg dog bite lawyer can represent victims in their claims against dog owners for any damage caused by dogs. Contact a skilled personal injury attorney right away.

Duties and Responsibilities of a Dog Owner

Gibsonburg’s dog bite statute states that the owner or keeper of a dog is always liable for any damages caused by their dog. This extends to personal injury, property loss, or even death. Gibsonburg makes it clear that any damage caused by the dog in any way can be the basis for a claim – a bite is not necessary. For example, if a dog running free from a leash knocks a person over and causes them to break a leg, the dog’s owner is responsible.

It is also not necessary that the dog has a prior history of violence. While many places allow a dog’s owner to avoid liability for a first-time offense, Gibsonburg law clearly states that the owner is responsible regardless of past behavior.

There are no geographic requirements for the injured person. The owner is liable no matter where the incident takes place. Some places have provisions that owners are not liable for attacks that take place on their property. Gibsonburg requires dog owners to maintain control no matter where the dog is.

When is the Owner Not Considered Liable?

Gibsonburg’s statute states that a person injured by a dog cannot sue for damages under specific circumstances. Dog owners are not liable if the dog was protecting the owner or their property. If a person suffered an injury while committing a crime against the dog’s owner, the owner may raise this fact as a defense.

A Gibsonburg dog bite lawyer knows that an owner is not liable if the person injured was teasing, goading, or otherwise abusing the animal. Dogs may defend themselves against abuse. A dog owner can also defend against a claim by arguing that the statute of limitations passed. Ohio Revised Code 2305.10 says that any claim for a dog bite must begin within two years of the incident. If this time limit passes, the owner may move for the court to dismiss the lawsuit.

A Gibsonburg Dog Bite Attorney is Here to Help

Dog bites and other injuries caused by dogs can be surprisingly severe. Even smaller dogs can break skin and cause infections. No matter the dog’s history of violence or the exact circumstances behind the injury, dog owners are responsible for the actions of their animals. Whether the dog caused property damage or physical injury, people have the right to recover compensation.

A Gibsonburg dog bite lawyer can represent individuals in claims against insurance companies and negligent dog owners. An attorney aims to hold dog owners responsible for their animals and compensate victims for their injuries. Contact a lawyer today to see how they can help.

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