Dealing With Insurance Following an Auto Accident in Toledo

If you were injured in a vehicle accident, or your loved one has suffered injuries from an accident, it is very important to be aware of the insurance company’s attempt to get you to settle the case quickly for an amount that is much less than what you deserve.

What to Expect From Insurance

Insurance companies from the other driver in the vehicle accident will try to get involved in the case as soon as possible. Their goal is to settle your property damage as quickly as possible and make you an offer of a few thousand dollars so you will sign a form or release.

The insurance company will try to give you a quick offer because a lot of people like quick money. But, the problem is that once you sign the release, you are responsible for all future pain and suffering that results from your accident, as well as all future medical bills.

Mistakes to Avoid

Our office suggests that you do not make any statements to the insurance company because they could use this information against you. More importantly, you should not sign any release until you have finished medical treatment, you’ve returned to work or school, and you feel 100-percent.

If you do sign the form from the insurance company before all treatment is complete, you will be responsible for all of your future problems.

The easiest way to avoid this issue is to hire a lawyer as soon as possible. If you have a lawyer working on your behalf, they will inform you that you should not be entertaining any of the offers that the insurance company gives you right after the accident. Your lawyer will also take over all future communication with insurance adjusters so you can be sure that you are not going to be taken advantage of.

Importance of An Attorney

The lawyers at our office have helped countless car accident victims receive the compensation that they deserve and we do not allow insurance companies to manipulate them into signing for an amount that won’t even cover their medical bills.

We treat our clients like family members, so you can be sure that we will not let you be taken advantage of. Call our office to speak to a lawyer about your accident, ask any questions that you have regarding the legal process, and receive a free case evaluation.


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