Teen Driver Car Crashes in Ohio

As National Teen Driver Safety Week wraps up, state troopers have said that they are working to raise awareness of teen driver safety and to lower the number of car crashes caused by teenage drivers. The Ohio State Highway Patrol has released statistics stating that thousands of accidents involving teen drivers occur every year. Among these accidents, some were fatal or caused serious injury to the other parties involved. With that said, if you are involved in an accident with a teen driver, it is important to consult with a Toledo car crash attorney to help hold the other party responsible and recover compensation for your damages.

Reducing Teen Accidents

Teen driver car crashes in Ohio are frequent. Teen drivers often text and drive, talking on the phone and drive, are more prone to problems in a parking lot or a parking lot situation, are more careless drivers, and are more prone to speeding and driving too fast for the weather or during bad road conditions.

In an effort to reduce this staggering number of crashes, state troopers encourage drivers to plan ahead when they need to go somewhere. By planning ahead, the hope is that these teenage drivers will not feel the need to rush on the roadways. It is also extremely important for drivers of any age to wear their seat belts.

Our office fully supports the efforts of state troopers and the National Safety Council to help spread awareness of teenage driver safety, and hopefully to reduce the number of accidents involving teen drivers. Education is key to helping resolve this issue. It is important for parents to know the risk factors that teen drivers face and to set the proper example for their teen drivers.

Eligibility of Driving

At 15 and a half, a person is allowed to get a temporary driver’s permit to drive with an approved Ohio driver. At 16, a person can take the driving portion of the test and if they pass, they are allowed to drive on their own. In order to take the driver’s test, a person has to have a certain amount of driving instruction on the road with a licensed driver, has to pass the written test, and then they can take the field driving test if they are 16.

A person could drive a farm vehicle if their parents allow them to, but only on private property. There would not be any necessary criminal or traffic jurisdiction on behalf of the police.

Novice Drivers

A person who recently passes their driver’s test at 16 would be called a novice driver. To reduce teen driver car crash accidents in Ohio, a novice driver would still be held to the same standard, both in criminal and civil litigation, as somebody who had their driver’s license for 30 years.

How A Teen Accident Lawyer Can Help

The Toledo teen accident lawyers at our office have had clients involved in accidents that are related to teen drivers. We have seen the tragic consequences of inexperienced drivers that may not have been educated properly when it came to roadway safety. Our goal is to help reduce the number of accidents, which will prevent future fatalities and injuries.

Join our office and the National Safety Council in our mission to help spread awareness and education. If you or your loved one has been injured in an accident involving a teen driver, you may have several questions. Feel free to call our office to ask any questions that you may have and to receive additional information regarding this subject matter. We are here to help you.


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