Car Crashes Caused by Animals in Toledo

Car accidents are a stressful situation, both for the people injured in the accident and their family members dealing with the after-effects of the accident. Not only does an injured person have to worry about healing from physical injuries and repairing damage to their car, but they also have to decide how to move forward when the cause of the accident was an animal.

A skilled car accident lawyer can help you understand how state laws will protect you and help you get reimbursed after car crashes caused by animals in Toledo. In 2016, the Ohio Insurance Institute found that car accidents caused by deer went up by almost seven percent. Ohio was ranked tenth out of all states in animal-related car accidents.

Avoiding Animal-Related Car Accidents

  • Be aware of animal crossing signs and drive slower in these areas
  • When it is dark and there is no opposing traffic, use high beams because they can illuminate the eyes of animals so they are more visible
  • Animals usually cross during the early morning or during the evening

Following a Crash Caused by Animals

When a driver is involved in car crashes caused by animals in Toledo, the first thing they should do is to move their car off the road and onto the side of the road. The driver should call the police, especially if they have been injured. They should safely take photos of the car and damage that was sustained. The driver should make sure that they report the accident to their insurance company as soon as possible. Generally, these types of accidents are covered by comprehensive collision coverage.

Sometimes, insurance companies do not want to pay the full amount of insurance to repair the cost of damage to a person’s car or cover the cost of their medical needs. This is when having a lawyer can be beneficial. If someone has been in a car crash caused by an animal, they should contact a lawyer who can negotiate on their behalf to fight insurance companies so that they pay the amount they owe. When someone is already concerned about repairing or replacing their car and have possible chronic medical conditions, the last thing they want to worry about is a fight with an insurance company.

Hiring a Lawyer

There are many risks to driving without a plan for car crashes caused by animals in Toledo. People involved in these accidents can often feel scared and confused. There is a legal and safety importance to contact an attorney who has experience dealing with this kind of incident. An experienced attorney can help you devise preventative measures to collisions from animals crossing the road. Legal representation can help you decide how to proceed following your accident and how to deal with any injuries that may have occurred. Contact an attorney as soon as you become a victim of an animal-caused collision to begin filing for damages to receive the compensation you deserve.


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