Mistakes to Avoid After a Toledo Car Accident 

One mistake to avoid after a Toledo car accident is admitting fault at the scene of a car accident. When a person admits fault for the accident, it is considered a statement against interest. Therefore, it is admissible under Ohio and federal law to be used against the person.

An experienced car accident attorney would advise a person to not make any statements at the accident scene that can be used against them. Some people feel the need to apologize. However, there is no legal requirement to make a statement against a person’s interest. The person is better off saying nothing than saying something that can incriminate them. A person should never lie, but there is no affirmative duty to make statements to the police.

Risks of Apologizing

It might be acceptable to apologize if the person is really at fault for the accident and it is a minor accident. However by doing so, the person limits their options in that situation. Hypothetically, if a person is at a stop light and runs into the car in front of them and there is $500 of property damage, it may be acceptable to be polite and apologize for the accident. But, when the situation can be caused by both parties, the person is much better off not making any statements to avoid serious mistakes after a Toledo car accident.

Other Common Mistakes to Avoid After a Toledo Car Accident

In Ohio, chiropractors often make false solicitation calls and the insurance companies might know these phone-soliciting chiropractors. They offer free transportation or they may misrepresent who they are, so the person goes to a chiropractor they do not know.

An attorney usually recommends that when the person has a family doctor, they should go to their family doctor and get the recommended treatment. When someone does not have a family doctor, the emergency room refers the person to a medical provider. It is recommended that a person goes to a provider who does not solicit them over the phone to avoid legal problems.

Another mistake to avoid after a car accident is obtaining certain loans. Sometimes, a person can borrow a couple of thousand dollars from companies that are legal loan sharking. The person borrows a thousand dollars and six months later must pay back $2,500. An attorney can advise an individual about going to respected medical providers and avoiding certain loan companies to keep them away from those who might exploit auto accident cases in Ohio.

How an Attorney Can Help

One of the biggest advantages of getting a car accident attorney involved in the case is that the attorney can make sure that the person’s credit is not destroyed. The attorney can ensure that the health insurance pays all the person’s medical bills. Whatever deductibles or bills that are not paid can be processed through the medical payments provision of the person’s own insurance company. Often, the attorney uses that money as an interest for a loan where the person can get their deductibles and co-pays paid in a timely manner so their credit rating is not damaged.

Second, the attorney can gather the witnesses, photos, and evidence. Third, they can talk to the insurance company to ensure their representatives do not bother the person for recorded statements. Otherwise, the insurance company can continually contact the person unnecessarily. Fourth, the attorney can negotiate the property damage because it is important for a person to get into a rental car or get their car fixed. When the person’s car is totaled, the attorney can try to negotiate a settlement.

An attorney can ensure that mistakes are avoided after a Toledo car accident.


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