Cruise Control Safety Tips in Toledo

Cruise control is a mechanism that allows a driver to keep a constant rate of speed without having to use the accelerator. Generally, drivers using the highway or driving long distance prefer using cruise control to maintain their speed levels. One issue with cruise control is that often decreases a driver’s ability to react to situations. It also reduces the control a driver has over their car. It is not possible to create certain prevention of an accident, however, cruise control safety tips in Toledo can be useful when improving protective measures. For more information on safety and prevention in car collision cases, contact an experienced car accident lawyer who can best represent you and can assess your need for damages.

Promoting Accident Prevention

It is important to use some common cruise control safety tips in Toledo to make cruise control as safe as possible. Some of these suggestions include:

  • Setting cruise control to a legal and safe speed
  • Be aware of the weather conditions because cruise control is unsafe during wet, snowy or foggy weather
  • Be aware of surroundings; do not allow cruise control to lull into a false sense of safety
  • Maintain focus; many drivers using cruise control become distracted believing they do not need to pay close attention
  • Do not use cruise control in a city
  • Avoid cruise control in areas with high traffic
  • Take frequent breaks if driving for long distances, many drivers using cruise control become sleepy behind the wheel which can cause serious accidents

What is Dangerous about Cruise Control Usage?

Without following cruise control safety tips in Toledo, a driver can increase their level of danger on the road. The main legal issue that comes up with cruise control driving is that an accident can occur. When a car accident happens, both sides need to look at each other’s behavior and decide if either side (or both) were negligent. A negligent driver is one who does not drive like a reasonable driver in similar circumstances would drive. When a driver behaves unreasonably and that causes an accident, they will be negligent in causing the accident.

What to Avoid

Even if your Ohio personal injury lawyer can show that the other driver was negligent, your damages can be reduced if you were also at fault. If you were more than 50 percent at fault, you lose the right to any damages. Outside of a potential legal battle or insurance settlement from your company, you also may face a much higher insurance rate. You want to avoid situations that make you a negligent or careless driver. This includes using cruise control in an unsafe way. Do not rely on technology like cruise control over your own instincts in driving. Contact an attorney as soon as possible to begin discussing possible cruise control safety tips in Toledo.


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