Toledo Side Impact Collision Lawyer 

A side impact collision is when one vehicle is hit in the side by another vehicle. Unless the vehicle struck was a newer, more expensive vehicle, the airbags do not deploy on a side impact collision. A T-bone accident is referred to as a large impact on the side of the vehicle. There are usually injuries sustained due to the impact being closer to either the driver or the front seat passenger because there is less protection and usually no airbags involved.

In these situations, there will be more property damage and more severe injuries. A Toledo side impact collision lawyer can help you recover damages which can cover the cost of property damage as well as medical treatment. If you have been involved in a T-bone accident, get in touch with a capable car accident attorney who can fight to hold the responsible party accountable.

Common Fact Patterns in Side Impact Collisions

A typical situation resulting in a side impact collision would be the at-fault party running a stop sign or a red light, going through the intersection at a high rate of speed and hits the injured party in a high rate of speed in the side. In rural areas, if somebody is stopped at a stop sign or rolling through a stop sign and gets hit by the individual going at a high rate of speed, there will be more serious injuries. Oftentimes neither driver even has time to hit the brakes.

Steps to Take After a Collision

The first thing someone should do following a side-impact collision is get medical attention/treatment for any injuries that they have sustained. Assuming that the person is not seriously injured or trapped in the car, they should call 911 and contact the police. It would be helpful to obtain names and phone numbers of witnesses. The person should take photos of the accident scene and the vehicles involved in the accident. The person should be careful when making any statement to the police, not to admit any fault. After doing all of this, a person should reach out to a Toledo side impact collision lawyer so they can begin assembling their case.

Damages a Person Can Recover

Side impact accidents usually have more serious injuries to the people in the vehicle that was struck. They commonly receive broken bones, broken arms, broken legs; may be knocked unconscious; more of a traumatic brain injury situation possibly caused by the speed of the vehicle upon impact.

Individuals involved in a side impact collision can recover damages for their medical bills, their lost wages, money for pain and suffering and inconvenience; they can also collect money for future damages if they are going to need future surgeries and future medical expenses. It is vital that an individual retains an experienced Toledo side impact collision lawyer that understands these types of cases, can maximize the injured parties’ recovery and make sure that the individuals are not ripped off by the insurance company.

Role of an Attorney

A Toledo side impact collision lawyer can obtain witness statements. The attorney can also make sure that all of the necessary photographs are taken. They can also retain the services of a private investigator if there is disputed liability. An experienced lawyer can make sure that the injured parties are seeing the right doctors for their injuries, e.g., a herniated disc, traumatic brain injury, various knee injuries, or TMJ that are not necessarily correctly diagnosed either at the emergency room or by the family doctor. Most family doctors do not want to treat the patient or get involved if it is an auto accident case. The attorney can work together with you to make sure all of the potential injuries are documented as early in the process as possible.


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