Toledo Car Accident Settlements

The process of a Toledo car accident settlement is smoother with the help of an attorney. A car accident settlement is done by the attorney who obtains all the medical records, bills, reports, lost wage statements, and other relevant documentation.

The attorney gets an in-depth statement from the person about the impact the accident has on their daily activities and any impact it may have on their future activities. The in-depth statement, along with the documentation, photos, and reports, are sent to the insurance company with a demand for settlement.

The attorney and person go through a series of negotiations with the insurance company to reach an acceptable number to recommend to the person. Contact an experienced accident lawyer today for more information.

Information to Take to an Initial Consultation

Information that an individual should bring to an initial consultation with an attorney includes:

  • Photos of the scene
  • Names of witnesses
  • Copies of medical bills as a result of the accident
  • A copy of their own insurance policy or the declaration sheet of the policy to determine what coverage they have under their own policy

These documents could help in a Toledo car accident settlement.

Reasons to Settle or Go to Trial

There are many reasons why a person would want to settle instead of going to trial. First, there are policy limits from the person responsible for the accident.

How Might Policy Limits Impact One’s Decision to Go to Court?

When the other side offers $90,000 to settle the first injury case and there is a $100,000 limit, the attorney looks at what is practical to collect individually from the other side to the cost of trying the case. If the attorney has to obtain videotape depositions of three doctors with a cost of $15,000 to try the case, the net recovery compliant with the data of a $90,000 settlement, then $110,000, or a $150,000 might be a verdict at trial.

The attorney gives the individual all of the options, tells them the truth, and recommends whether to settle the case or go to trial.

What Are Some Reasons to Refuse a Settlement Offer?

One of the reasons a person might refuse to take a settlement offer and decide to go to trial is that they disagree with the attorney’s assessment. Oftentimes, the problem is that the person is emotionally involved in the situation and it is difficult to make a wise, independent decision.

The attorney is there to advise the person and protect them from their own emotional response to a decision that should be made based on logic.

Importance of a Toledo Car Accident Lawyer

People should be aware that they need an attorney unless they have a simple claim. When someone settles a claim on their own, they may not realize that their insurance company might be reimbursed by the person for the amount of money they paid out.

There is a subrogation clause in their health insurance contract under the medical payments provision or under their auto insurance policy. When the person does not honor the subrogation clause, they can be sued by the insurance company or the health insurance company can cut them off or cancel their policies. The issue with not having an attorney involved is that the individual might not know what questions they should ask. Not having the legal knowledge necessary in a Toledo Car accident settlement can be detrimental.

An experienced Toledo car accident attorney can use their understanding and involvement in previous cases to explain the settlement range and the trial range. The attorney can provide the person with actual documentation and answer all their questions to maximize the value and minimize the risk. They have legal information available to make a wise and long-lasting, intelligent decision.

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