Common Causes of Toledo Car Accidents

Car accidents can have fatal consequences for those involved. Most of the common causes of Toledo car accidents are due to human error and driving in a manner that disregards traffic and driving laws. By observing traffic laws and paying attention, you can protect yourself and others on the road. If you have already been involved in a car crash due to a negligent driver, speak with a capable car accident attorney that could advocate for you and hold the responsible party accountable.

Examples of Common Causes of Car Accidents in Toledo

The common causes of car accidents are drunk driving, speeding, running a stop sign, running red lights, and obstructed vision by the other individual. There are many cases of drivers driving in the wrong direction, texting, and driving, and driving under the influence of drugs.

Common causes of Toledo car accidents are speeding, failure to take assured clear distance, meaning the driver behind the person is following too close, running a red light or stop sign, and failure to yield at an intersection.

Importance of Liability in Car Accident Cases

Ohio law mandates that a person has a duty to prove that the other party, called the tortfeasor, is negligent. The other party failed to exercise due care and therefore is responsible for any damages that result from their negligence.

The cause of the accident comes down to who was responsible for the accident. The case is easier to prove when there is a lot of property damage or the injuries are more serious. For example, when the cause of the accident is the other person driving drunk; that increases the value of the case because there are punitive damages against the drunk driver. There is no sympathy for the drunk driver and juries and insurance companies value those cases much higher.

What Impact Does Drunk Driving Can Have on a Case?

One of the common causes of Toledo car accidents is impaired driving. In a drunk driving situation, the injured person can sue for punitive damages. Most of the police departments have cameras on their police cruisers and some of the officers wear camera vests. In a drunk driving situation, there is a good possibility to obtain a video that documents the level of intoxication of the individual and substantially help the case. Drunk driving cases have a premium value and may be worth an extra 20 to 50 percent than a non-drunk driving case with the same injuries.

What Effect Does Speeding or Running a Stop Sign/Red-Light on an Accident?

The nature and difference in a speeding situation are that the impact is larger. There is more property damage, more airbags deploy, and the argument can be made that the person has more serious injuries in a speeding case.

With a stop sign or a red light case, both vehicles are traveling at a reasonable speed. The person can have a more serious injury when the airbags deploy in a front-end accident. One problem in a red light case is when there are witnesses because there is often an argument about who had the red light. When that is the case, cameras might be available in the area; there are red-light cameras on the light system, or there is a need to obtain witnesses.

Driving Mistakes That Can Lead to Collisions

There are other driving mistakes that are common causes of Toledo car accidents. For example, driving at night can cause collisions. A larger number of accidents occur at night when there are more police officers on the road. They can respond in a quicker fashion because there are fewer cars on the road and they are all hunting for drunk drivers.

Driving in the wrong direction is another cause of accidents that can result in punitive damages because that is outrageous conduct. In Toledo, many wrong way accidents occur and several people are killed. These cases can involve greater amounts of money because of the outrageous conduct of the individual. Driving in the wrong direction cases often have substantially higher settlement values. To learn more, individuals should consult a knowledgeable car accident attorney that could help them pursue the compensation that they deserve.


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