Toledo Wrong Way Accidents

Wrong-way accidents are not a new thing for the Toledo and surrounding areas. Over the past few years, there have been multiple wrong-way accidents, some that resulted in fatalities, and they seemed to be taking over the news.

This trend is something that our office has a personal connection to as our Toledo auto accident lawyers have helped wrong-way accident victims in the past. The Toledo wrong way accident lawyers at our office helped a wrong-way accident victim to receive the compensation he deserved for the injuries sustained in a wrong-way collision.

Wrong-Way Drivers

It seems that oftentimes in these types of accidents, the driver is under the influence of alcohol, impairing their judgment and contributing to their decision to drive on the wrong side of the roadway. These accidents are also commonly on highways as the driver fails to get on the proper ramp and ends up traveling the wrong way down a major highway or expressway.

Injured in Wrong-Way Accident

When individuals are injured in wrong-way accidents, the first thing that they should do after receiving medical care is to contact a Toledo wrong way accident lawyer. It can be critical to hire a lawyer soon after the accident so the evidence can be collected and any investigation needed can be conducted. It is also essential that the accident victim keeps solid records of all medical care, police reports, and anything else related to the accident. We also urge the injured victim to not sign any papers or give any statements to the insurance company.

After hiring a lawyer, they will deal with all future communication with the insurance company and insurance adjusters, ensuring that you are receiving the most favorable settlement in the long run.

To speak to the experienced Toledo wrong way accident lawyers at our office regarding a wrong-way accident, call today. Our lawyers will not only answer any questions that you have regarding your options but will also give a free case evaluation and advise you on the next steps that should be taken to protect your legal rights and result in the most compensation.


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