Expert Witness in Toledo Car Accident Cases 

Expert witnesses in a Toledo car accident case can be important. An expert witness is someone who can bring information to the jury that is beyond the knowledge of a typical person. For example, a medical doctor would be an expert witness on the injuries of a person in a car accident, an economist would be an expert witness on future economic loss of the injured person who cannot work for the next 25 years of their life, and an accident reconstructionist has special talent to explain from a scientific perspective how an accident was caused. Typically, expert witnesses have unique knowledge that is beyond the knowledge of a layperson, and a judge has concluded that their evidence and testimony would both be probative, helpful, and relevant to the jury. A qualified car accident lawyer can help you decide whether or not it is wise to use an expert witness for your case.

Using an Expert Witness

Ideally, an expert witness in Toledo car accident cases is involved well before a lawsuit would be filed. If the case was going to trial, typically the report from the expert would already be obtained, the other side would have taken the expert’s deposition, and an attorney would either be presenting a video tape trial deposition of the expert or they would have the expert testify live during trial.

Weight Given to Expert Witnesses

The weight given to expert witnesses in a Toledo car accident case depends on the individual. There have been instances in which juries have decided the entire case based on the testimony of one expert witness and there have been other cases in which juries have ignored the testimony of the expert witness. One case is not representative of all cases – it depends on the specific circumstances.

Benefits of Expert Witness

Expert witnesses in a Toledo car accident case will hopefully have credibility. They can can either make or break the case depending on how persuasive and knowledgeable they are as a witness. Often times we look for individuals that are educated, but the most important consideration is whether or not they appeared to be truthful and communicated well to the jury? A person can have a smart expert witness, but if they come across as arrogant or negative and they cannot communicate, then a person would not want to use that individual as a witness.

Sometimes the expert witness can make the case too complicated, so a person has to decide whether or not the expert witness helps or hinders that process. A person wants to make their story as simple and easy to understand as possible, and they have to make the strategic decision based on the expert testimonial.

Hiring a Lawyer

Hiring a lawyer is the first step in a Toledo car accident case. They have all the knowledge necessary to help you make an informed decision as to whether or not you should use an expert witness following a car accident. An attorney can also be a helpful and reassuring resource during a time of stress. With proper legal advice, they can try to ensure a smooth process through a case.

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