Types of Expert Witnesses in Toledo Car Accident Cases 

The types of expert witnesses in a Toledo car accident case can vary. A person who is an expert witness is somebody that has a certain expertise that is beyond the knowledge of the lay person. Who would be considered an expert witness depends on the case at hand, but generally it is someone who has knowledge that extends beyond that of the normal layperson. Consult with an experienced car accident lawyer for more on expert witnesses and the benefit they may provide to your case.

Using an Expert Witness

It is common to use the family doctor, the specialist who treated either the orthopedic injury, the neurosurgical injury, and other medical professionals in a circumstance involving injury. In serious accidents where the person cannot work again, an economist would be used to talk about future economic damages. An accident reconstructionist can also be used to help explain how the accident happened.

If the person is going to need future medical care, an expert witness can testify to that, but if the person needed to be in a group home or a brain injury treatment center, a life care planner might be used to talk about what the future economic implications are.

Expert witnesses come in all shapes, sizes, and areas of expertise. It is up to the discretion of the plaintiff’s attorney or defense attorney to find somebody who has specialized knowledge that can help them explain the evidence and tell the story to the jury.

Expert Witness and the Plaintiff

Whether or not the expert witness is allowed to have an existing relationship with the plaintiff depends on the situation. Typically, a person would have an expert witness who might be a treating doctor of the plaintiff, However, it is not recommended to use an expert witness who is the brother-in-law of the plaintiff or something similar.

A person would want the expert witness to be objective and testify truthfully under oath and if they do not have that then the other side is going to challenge that.

Other Information About Expert Witnesses

A large amount of time is spent trying to decide who the best witnesses would be because the witness can make or break a person’s case. A person wants to find a witness that has the qualifications, is trustworthy, and communicates well with the jury. Oftentimes, on some serious cases, a person’s choice of expert witnesses may be the most important thing in the trial.

Hiring a Lawyer

A professional lawyer knows the types of expert witnesses a person would want to use during a car accident case in Toledo. An attorney would do their best in finding one, often interviewing four or five different expert witnesses before making a final decision. They have experience in handling cases that require expert witnesses and know how to go about searching for the right now. Make sure you know the types of expert witnesses in a Toledo car accident case by consulting with a qualified lawyer today. It can make all the difference.

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