Back Injured In Car Accident

Car accidents can occur for many reasons and may result in various injuries. Even if three people are traveling in the same vehicle and are involved in a car accident, one of them could suffer serious injuries, another could walk away without a scratch, and the third individual could be killed. The way a car accident affects a passenger depends on several different factors.

If you are involved in a car accident and injure your back, there are a number of issues that can result from the injury. Many car accident victims suffer from chronic back pain following a car accident and are never the same again, while others may recover relatively quickly. It’s something that depends on the individual and the impact that they underwent.

Back Injury in Car Accident

When suffering a back injury in a car accident, the pain can first seem to not be serious. A mistake that many car accident victims make is not seeking medical attention under the belief that their pain will go away. This can decrease the validity of a personal injury claim down the road if an individual doesn’t seek medical attention for some time.

For example, a car accident victim may have back pain following an accident but they figure it will go away so they don’t see a medical professional. Then, one or two weeks later their pain has worsened and they decided that it’s time to see a doctor and look into filing a personal injury claim for their medical expenses and pain and suffering. However, the insurance company’s defense to this will be that the individual must not be injured too badly if they waited two weeks to seek medical advice. For this reason, our car accident lawyers always advise those involved in accidents that have pain or discomfort to visit their doctor or a hospital to get checked out.

7 Steps to Take after Car Accident

We have outlined the steps to take after a car accident several times throughout our blog. Below you can find the steps to follow and visit our blog post, What to do RIGHT after a Car Accident for more information.

  1. Check for Injuries – check yourself and other passengers.
  2. Get to safety – make sure there are no hazards as you exit the vehicle. If it is a busy road and you are in danger, call the police so they can assist you.
  3. Exchange information with the other driver – exchange insurance information, names, address, phone, and vehicle make, model and license plate.
  4. Take photos of the accident – document the accident by using your cell phone; share the photos with your car accident lawyer.
  5. File a police report – make sure you get a copy of the police report and the number of the accident report.
  6. Contact the insurance company – inform them of the damages that happened in the accident.
  7. Contact a car accident lawyer – if you or your loved one was injured in the accident, contact a car accident lawyer for guidance in regards to the legal steps to take.

Car Accident Lawyer in Toledo

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