Black Ice Vehicle Accidents

Black ice has been an ongoing problem for our area this winter. It has been the cause of several auto accidents as motorists do not realize the dangerous conditions of the roadway.

The black ice has recently been combined with another dangerous driving condition. Roadways have been subject to whiteout conditions over the past few days as the winds cause the snow to blow and drift. The black ice combined with the blowing snow does not bode well for motorists.

Rural roads are also seeing some of the worst conditions. There were several accidents on Route 25 at King Road on Saturday due to the black ice and snow. It was so bad that even the patrol car attending to an accident was hit by another vehicle.

Below we have compiled the three steps for anyone injured in an accident caused by black ice. If injuries are sustained in an accident, the individual has a right to seek damages.

Injured in Accident on Black Ice

1. Seek medical attention – the first step anyone injured in an accident should take is to seek medical attention. Doing so helps to identify the extent of your injuries, allows you to receive the proper care so you can recover, and also give you documents proving your injuries if you pursue a personal injury claim.

2. Call a personal injury attorney – many people are not aware of how important it is to call a personal injury attorney soon after your accident. When you contact a personal injury attorney right away, they can help you with certain aspects of your case that will significantly reduce your stress level. This includes handling the communication with the insurance company which you will find to be very overwhelming after your accident.

3. Keep track of all medical and accident-related records – keep track and file all documents that are related to your accident. This includes medical records of your injuries, accident reports, and any type of document that you have received regarding your accident. Keeping track of these documents will help you later in your claim.

Importance of Contacting A Lawyer

To speak to a personal injury attorney about the accident that caused you injury, call our office today. Our lawyers are available 24/7 to answer your questions, review your case and injuries, and give free case evaluations. Our goal is to give you the information and guidance that you need to begin the legal process, ensuring you receive the settlement that you deserve.

Our lawyers also recommend that anyone injured in a vehicle accident order a free copy of The Ohio Accident Book. This book contains a wealth of information about vehicle accidents that is easy to understand and extremely helpful to accident victims. You can order a book directly from our website, or request a copy when calling our office.


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