Toledo Parking Lot Accident Lawyer

There are some nuances in Toledo parking lot accidents that a person should understand. For one, the police do not come for parking lot accidents because they take place on private property. One of the problems with Toledo parking lot accidents is that there are two individuals with different stories of how the accident happened. As such, it is important for the individual involved in the accident to take photos before the vehicles are moved and try to locate witnesses.

An auto accident lawyer would want to check if there are video cameras for safety concerns in that parking lot and get the video of the accident. Typically, there is no police investigation or traffic charges for a parking lot accident, so it is more difficult and important to do an investigation. A Toledo parking lot accident lawyer is equipped to handle such situations and should be consulted as soon as possible to begin compiling evidence for a claim.

Elements of a Parking Lot Accident

Typically in parking lots, the slow speeds mean there is not much property damage. However, there can be serious pedestrian accidents as people are injured in crosswalks or run over. Just because an accident takes place in a parking lot does not mean the accident is not serious.

Further, in a parking lot accident, police typically do not investigate but instead will leave the investigation up to the owner of the parking lot. These types of accidents typically occur with many people around and therefore there is a greater chance of getting video footage and of having witnesses. With these factors in mind, a little leg work early on in the process can yield a great result for an investigating attorney, making it important those impacted consult with an attorney as soon as possible.

Contacting Insurance Following An Accident

Insurance companies tend to deny liability in non-pedestrian situations including those involving parking lot accidents. When there are no witnesses and no video, there are two different stories. The question becomes who had the right of way and who was speeding.

It does not make financial sense to hire an accident reconstructionist for a small case. That is why it is so important to begin the investigation as soon as possible. When the accident is not serious, the individual can go to small claims court to be compensated for the property damage.

Role of Contributory Negligence

Contributory negligence plays a role when one individual backs up their vehicle and has a duty to yield to oncoming traffic and the other vehicle speeds. In that case, there could be contributory negligence on both parties. When an individual is a pedestrian and they do not walk on the crosswalk or they are running in the parking lot, there is potential contributory negligence. If somebody does not have their lights on, or does not put a turn signal on, that can be contributory negligence. Anything a person is not aware of in terms of safety concerns could be contributory negligence.

Hiring a Toledo Parking Lot Accident Lawyer

When someone is looking for an attorney to represent them in a parking lot accident injury case, they should look for an attorney who has experience handling parking lot accidents. The attorney should be willing to do the investigative work, locate witnesses, and visit the scene of the accident. They should be able to use their ingenuity to locate video evidence from the store and nearby business neighbors that have security cameras. In addition, the attorney must have the ability to try cases and protect the client’s rights. Contact a Toledo parking lot accident lawyer for legal help.


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