Toledo Rental Car Accident Lawyer

Under Ohio law, a rental car is a vehicle someone uses for a period of time and pays for that use. For example, a person may rent a car from Hertz, Enterprise, or Avis. Zip cars or Car2go vehicles are also considered rental cars and usually, the rental is for a shorter period of time by the hour or by the day. For liability or accident purposes, it does not make a difference whether the rental is short term or long term. People may use a rental car when their car is in the shop, they are on vacation, or for any other specific event.

If you have been in a rental car accident, reach out to a seasoned car wreck attorney today. A Toledo car accident lawyer could help you receive the compensation you deserve.

Insurance Coverage Impact on Rental Car Accidents

Normally, if the person has insurance on their vehicle and the rental is based on the person’s car being out of commission, the person’s own personal insurance follows the rental. The insurance the individual has on their personal vehicle covers the rental car. The person would have no better and no worse than their personal insurance coverage.

However, when the person does not have collision coverage to protect their own vehicle from property damage and the person wants a rental car, the car rental company typically will not let them rent the car unless they purchase property damage coverage for the rental.

The problem is the amount charged for the rental car coverage is anywhere from $5 to $15 per day, which is excessive. In this situation, the individual is being gouged by the rental car company. Due to rental car liability coverage being so expensive, it is rare that someone purchases liability coverage outside of their own personal coverage of their car. 

Common Facts Associated with Rental Car Accidents

Most of the time rental car accidents are just like other car wrecks. However, it is common for a rental car accident to occur due to the driver not knowing their way around the community and being lost. Also, it is more difficult to find the correct insurance coverage because the injured person starts with the rental company and then goes to the auto insurance of the individual driver and other members of their own household. This means there is a long search to find the correct insurance coverage in these types of situations. Due to the complexities that may arrive following a rental car wreck, it is essential to reach out to a Toledo rental car accident lawyer.

How a Toledo Rental Car Accident Attorney Could Help

If you have suffered an injury in a rental car wreck that was not your fault, consult with a Toledo rental car accident lawyer today. A dedicated attorney could help you get the recovery you deserve following your accident. A lawyer will work tirelessly to collect evidence and prove negligence. To get started on your claim, call today to schedule a consultation with a legal professional.


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