Expert Witnesses in Fremont Car Accident Cases

In a car collision case, the use or non-use of expert witnesses is one of the major reasons that an individual might need to have an attorney. Expert witnesses in Fremont car accident cases could be essential to the result of winning or losing a case and how much money they are going to collect for the plaintiff. To learn more about the pros and cons of using an expert witness, contact a knowledgeable car wreck attorney.

Defining an Expert Witness by Fremont Standards

By Fremont standards, an expert witness for car crash cases would be a person that could testify to facts or opinions that are beyond the scope of the average person. This could include an accident reconstructionist in the cause of the accident, an orthopedic surgeon testifying whether the rotator cuff surgery was proximately caused by the accident, and an economist to calculate what the lost wages in the future would be as a result of the car accident. This could be beneficial when trying to calculate the recoverable damages.

Is the Witness Allowed to have an Existing Relationship With the Plaintiff?

The expert witness is allowed to have an existing relationship with the plaintiff car accident cases. If the person’s family doctor could give their opinion to a reasonable degree of medical certainty on future problems, they could be a witness. However, the other side could be able to argue potential bias based on the pre-existing relationship. This may be a tactical decision by the attorneys on whether they think that the potential bias may outweigh the value of the testimony of the individual who knew the plaintiff.

Validity of an Expert Witness’ Testimony

The weight on expert witnesses’ testimonies typically varies from case to case. There are times when the jury is swayed one way or another due to the testimony of an expert witness. However, it is important to know that the judge may tell the jury to use their common sense and logic to determine what, if any, weight they should give to each witness.

When it comes to using expert witnesses in Fremont car accident cases, it is important to be careful and think hard about whether to use one or not. While a person may have a solid case, their case could be doomed if their expert witness is not trustworthy and unable to properly communicate.

Cons of Having an Expert Witness

A person might not want expert witnesses in Fremont car accident cases if the relevant individuals are weak witnesses that do not want to cooperate and be helpful to the case. Based on what a person is asking the expert witness to do, the expense of the expert witnesses could range from $3,000 to $25,000 or $50,000. Expert witnesses can be expensive, which is another reason why an individual may not want to obtain one for their case.

Call to Learn Mor About Expert Witnesses in Fremont Car Wreck Cases

An expert witness could give a person a better chance to win the case. There may be a large number of issues in any case that might require an expert opinion. To tell an effective story, having a quality expert witness with the correct testimony could be essential if you wish to have an excellent chance to win the case. Call today for more information about expert witnesses in Fremont car accident cases.

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