Common Mistakes to Avoid After a Fremont Car Accident

Often times when a person is involved in an auto wreck of any kind, they could be in shock or surprised by the events that transpired. Unfortunately, it is at this moment where people tend to make mistakes that could prove costly to their injury claim. However, by consulting with an experienced attorney after an accident, you may be able to minimize these mistakes. An auto wreck attorney can provide you with more information regarding the common mistakes to avoid after a Fremont car accident.

Risks of Admitting Fault by Apologizing

There are risks of trying to be polite by apologizing. For example, if a person says they apologize for getting into that accident, they may be using that just to be polite, but often the other driver is going to interpret that as their admission of responsibility. The best thing to do would be polite, see if the other person is okay or if they need any help rather than address the issue of legal responsibility for the accident.

Refusing Immediate Treatment

Refusing immediate treatment could be a mistake in the scope of a car accident. By doing so, the victim could be indicating that they are not injured. This could be very damaging towards one’s claim. It is possible to explain that the refusal for medical treatment was that the person was in a state of shock or running on adrenaline, which is why they did not need to seek immediate medical treatment.

The best thing to do in this situation is to seek medical treatment because a person is in shock and perhaps are not the best judge of their medical condition. They should indicate to the medical personnel what if any body parts are injured or what their medical complaints are.

Not Following a Doctor’s Orders

Common mistakes to avoid after a Fremont car accident include not following a doctor’s orders or follow up with medical treatment after the wreck. Not following doctor’s orders allows the defense to argue that if they had ongoing medical problems, it is the person’s fault because they had a duty to act responsibly to mitigate their damages.

If the doctor said they needed to go to physical therapy, needed to get an MRI, or needed to take off work for three weeks and they do not do it and it aggravates the condition, the belief is going to be that the responsibility for the ongoing problems is the victim’s own fault.

Other Common Mistakes Seen in Fremont Car Accident Claims

There are other common mistakes to avoid after a Fremont car accident. Oftentimes, people get letters from attorneys that are not even in the Fremont area. They may be in other parts of the state. They have ordered the accident reports and are sending mass mail to try to settle cases quickly and make easy money. Their goal is to make easy money, not to maximize the recovery for the person. Oftentimes, there are phone solicitation chiropractors that call trying to get them to go to their clinics.

The insurance company knows who the phone solicitation chiropractors are and now their case has a star with a letter on it. The insurance company is concerned whether the medical bills are made or whether there is fraud involved when they have a phone solicitation form going to their medical provider. Those are all ways to help destroy a person’s personal injury case.

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