Appealing a Fremont Car Accident Case

Fremont car accident attorneys could help individuals with appealing a Fremont car accident case. Typically, the appeal has to be filed within 30 days after a final order was issued by the trial court. An individual could contact an experienced car wreck attorney to review the transcript and give them their legal opinion as to whether it makes sense to appeal the jury verdict.

How a Plaintiff Could Appeal Their Car Accident Case

If a car accident case that was filed is dismissed or if the verdict was not optimal, a plaintiff could appeal the decision. If the case is dismissed, a plaintiff typically has a right to re-file the case within one year from the first dismissal. An individual from Fremont could file an appeal in the Sixth District Court of Appeals, which is located in Toledo. They typically have the transcript of the trial that they could send to the Court of Appeals. Individuals typically file a brief, which is a written memorandum explaining their arguments and that the trial court made mistakes. They potentially have the right to orally argue those mistakes that are contained in their brief. When appealing a case, people should be aware that it could take a long time and may be an expensive process.

How Often Could Someone Appeal a Case?

If the case gets sent back to the trial court and something new occurs, a person could appeal it at a later date. If a person went to the Sixth District Court of Appeals and the person was successful there, the unsuccessful party could have a right to try to go to the Ohio Supreme Court. This court could grant the ability to hear the appeal by their discretion or if there is a conflict with other Courts of Appeals as far as that specific legal issue.

Length of an Appeal

The typical length of time an appeal could take may range between six months to two years. It is typically a long and drawn out process. It could be longer or shorter depending on the circumstances. A person could make an attempt to file an expedited appeal. This could be granted in certain cases but not others. Cases could go faster or slower in District Court of Appeals than others because of how many other cases are in that specific Court of Appeals. Typically, a person could be looking at six months to a year for the Sixth District Court of Appeals where Fremont is located.

Call an Attorney About Appealing a Fremont Car Accident Case

Appealing a car accident claim can be a difficult and grueling process. Therefore, it is usually a wise idea to obtain the services of an attorney who has experience appealing car collision collisions. They could bring their knowledge and experience to help you win your case. To learn more about appealing a Fremont car accident case and how a lawyer could help, call today. The sooner an attorney is obtained, the sooner they could begin helping you recover the damages you deserve.

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