Avoid Talking to the Insurance Company After a Fremont Car Accident

Speaking to the insurance company after a car accident is a mistake that could devastate an individual’s claim. A person may find themselves in legal liability due to a conversation they may have assumed was in good faith. Avoid talking to the insurance company after a Fremont car accident and contact an attorney instead. This is because the lawyer will have your best interests in mind, unlike the insurance company. An experienced car wreck lawyer could assist you while speaking to an insurance adjuster for the purpose of securing and maintaining the settlement you may deserve.

Dangers in Giving Recorded Statements to the Other Driver’s Insurance Company

When it comes to dealing with the insurance company, it is important to understand that the insurance company’s main objective is to make profits. This means that the company will have their best interests in mind and not the injured individual’s. This is why it is critical to avoid talking to the insurance company after a Fremont car accident.

The insurance company is going to do its best to pay as little money out of pocket as possible. Therefore, it may be best to avoid giving recorded statements. Instead, the injured individual should reach out to a seasoned and knowledgeable attorney who could speak on their behalf and advocate for fair compensation. A lawyer will make sure that the victim’s interests are protected.

How and When Will the Insurance Company Contact the Injured Individual?

The insurance company could try to get in contact with the injured individual after seeing their phone number on the police report. The company’s goal is to reach out to the person as soon as possible. Certain insurance companies give bonuses to the adjusters based on the number of claims they settle within the first 30 days since the injured person may not realize yet that they have broken bones, torn cartilage, traumatic brain injuries, or other serious injuries.

An injured individual may eagerly settle if offered a few thousand dollars because of the medical bills, miss time from work, or due to financial issues. However, it is critical to note that it is the insurance adjuster’s job to settle the case as cheap and as soon as possible. This is why it may be in the victim’s best interest to obtain the services of a lawyer before speaking with an insurance adjuster.

Failing to Contact a Lawyer After a Car Wreck

It may be a mistake to not contact an attorney right after a collision because the injured individual may not know how to best get the recovery that they deserve. An attorney could help a person get the medical treatment and the compensation that they deserve. If someone fails to call a lawyer after an accident, they make take an initial small offer from the insurance company. Lawyers are experienced in handling car accident and other personal injuries cases, therefore, will know the correct ways to try to maximize a person’s recovery. Avoid talking to the insurance company after a Fremont car accident and contacting an attorney right away is important to ensure the injured victim has all their legal rights protected.

How a Car Collision Attorney Could Help

There are many ways that a lawyer could help an injured individual following a car wreck. First, they could make sure that the insurance company stops pestering the victim on the phone. Attorneys could help a person get a rental car and figure out a way to pay for the medical bills. Also, a lawyer could offer advice on who the best doctors are and how to get the necessary treatment that they need. After a wreck, avoid the mistakes of talking to the insurance company after a Fremont car accident and speak to an attorney instead.

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