Fremont Rear-End Collision Lawyer

Both Fremont and Ohio law use the concept of a short clearing distance when defining a rear-end collision. This means that a person has a duty to allow sufficient room between the driver and the car in front of them so that the car in front can stop the vehicle and the driver in the back will not hit them. For example, if the car in front of the driver brakes suddenly and is involved in another accident, the driver has a duty to be able to stop and avoid hitting that car.  If for whatever reason the driver was unable to do so, they could be found negligent and liable for a person’s injuries. If you have been injured in a serious rear-end accident, consult a compassionate car accident attorney that could help you hold the at-fault driver accountable for their negligence. A capable Fremont rear-end collision lawyer could fight for a positive outcome for you.

Common Fact Patterns in Crashes

Some common fact patterns surrounding rear-end collisions in Fremont include the car in front stopping suddenly for another car, a red light, a stop sign, or even a car accident. Another example is that somebody is tailgating or not driving safely, and this leads to a rear-end collision. These fact patterns show that these accidents are common than many would think.

Fault in Rear-End Collisions

The general rule in rear-end collisions is that the car who runs into the vehicle in front of a driver is responsible for the accident. The only elements that may change that are if the car in front is backing up or if one could prove that the car stopped suddenly in order to intentionally cause the accident. Other than that, the car behind is always faulted for rear-end collisions.

Typically, there is no comparative negligence in rear-end accident cases. Some examples in which comparative negligence may be brought up include if the vehicle was stopping suddenly for no valid reason or if the individual in the front car was intoxicated. In rear-end wreck cases, Fremont rear-end collision lawyers use the testimony of the injured party, the testimony of passengers, the testimony of witnesses, and a photo of the accident scene.

Value of a Fremont Rear-End Accident Attorney

A Fremont rear-end collision lawyer could advise injured individuals of what steps to take following an accident. For example, an attorney might recommend that the accident victim seek medical attention. It is important that the injured person in a car accident case documents their injuries. For example, if someone is claiming that they were seriously injured in an accident, they should go to the emergency room, follow up with their family doctor, go to physical therapy, or go to a specialist ordered by their family doctor. Some situations arise in which an individual is injured in the accident, goes to the emergency room, thinks the injury is going to go away, and there is a gap of treatment of several weeks. That destroys the credibility of the injured party. As a general rule, most people on a jury are going to believe that if somebody is hurt, they get medical treatment; if they are not hurt, they do not get medical treatment. Failing to continue treatment consistently is a big way to harm the personal injury claim. If an individual wants to know more about injuries following a rear-end collision, they should speak with a capable rear-end accident lawyer that could help.

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