Fremont Paralysis Injury Lawyer

If you have become paralyzed as a result of an accident, your life could be severely impacted and you may be facing various financial and health consequences. Having a loving and reliable support system during this difficult time of life is important in your healing and in moving forward. However, you may also want to consider adding an experienced Fremont paralysis injury lawyer to your trusted support system.

If your accident was the result of someone else’s negligence, you may be eligible to pursue compensation. A capable catastrophic injury attorney could help by examining the case and working to uncover potential evidence that may lead to demonstrating how a negligent party acted recklessly.

Pursuing a Fair Compensation Award in Fremont

The aim of any personal injury lawsuit, but especially one that involves a paralyzed individual, typically is to seek a fair compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, and any other economic or noneconomic damages. Compensation in Fremont is generally governed by the Ohio Revised Code §2307:011. An attorney could help determine the various types of damages and amount of compensation a claimant may potentially be entitled to following a successful claim.

In most personal injury lawsuits, compensation for the following types of damages could be sought:

  • Past and future medical bills
  • Past and future lost wages
  • Travel expenses
  • Medical equipment expenses
  • Pain and suffering
  • At-home assistance such as housekeeping or cooking
  • Emotional and mental trauma

Paralyzed individuals may qualify to seek compensation for a lifetime of care. This could potentially amount to a significant compensation award. Depending on the age when the spinal cord injury occurred, some statistics show lifetime health care and living expenses are an estimated $1.1 million to $4.7 million according to the National Spinal Cord Injury Statistical Center.

In order to help determine the amount of compensation you deserve, a Fremont paralysis injury lawyer could potentially bring in a team of experts such as those in the medical field, economists, and even life-care planners. If insurance adjusters try to minimize a claimant’s settlement amount, using such a team could help a claimant fight back with a strong case for fair compensation.

When Does a Paralysis Injury Case Go to Trial?

While it could be difficult to predict whether a case could be settled out of court or have to enter the courtroom, some spinal cord injury cases may go on to court due to their complex nature and potentially high value. If the defendants offer a settlement, a Fremont paralysis injury attorney could discuss the pros and cons of accepting it and help a claimant make the best decision for their unique case.

How a Fremont Paralysis Injury Attorney Could Help

If you are seeking compensation for paralysis-inducing injuries from an accident that occurred because of someone else’s recklessness, a Fremont paralysis injury lawyer could help. They could review the case facts and help determine how another party may have contributed to your injuries.

Call today to find out more about how a committed injury attorney could help you pursue compensation. Receiving financial compensation could significantly help a person who is trying to stabilize their finances after experiencing an unexpected accident.


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