The physical, emotional, and mental effects of sexual abuse are far-reaching and long-term. Survivors often need medical care, including therapy, medication, and physical treatment. While treatment can help, the financial burden it places on survivors is unfair. If you or a loved one are the survivor of sexual assault or sexual abuse, we can help you hold the offender accountable and claim the compensation you deserve.

At Charles Boyk Law Offices, we offer experienced, compassionate legal representation for those affected by sexual assault and abuse. Whether you were assaulted or abused by a friend, relative, clergy member, teacher, stranger, or anyone else, we can provide you with the legal expertise, advice, and assistance you need to win compensation for your suffering. Filing a lawsuit against your attacker will hold them accountable for their actions and ensure you receive the money you deserve. Civil action against the offender or other responsible parties can result in compensation for medical expenses, emotional distress, pain and suffering, and more. Charles E. Boyk Law Offices is committed to fighting back against the perpetrators of sexual violence and the persons and organizations that enable them.

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