Statute of Limitations in Fremont Car Accident Cases

The statute of limitations is the time period that a person could legally bring a case under Ohio law. For example, if you were to make a claim or file a lawsuit and the statute of limitations has run out, that means the time period that you are allowed to present a claim is expired. In which case you have no valid claim under Ohio law. Anyone who wishes to file a claim should contact a practiced auto wreck attorney. A lawyer could also help with making sure that the statute of limitations in Fremont car accident cases does not become in issue in your case.

Different Types of Statute of Limitations

There are different types of statutes of limitations for different types of car accidents. The statute of limitations in Fremont car accident cases is the day before two years after the wreck. If a person’s car accident happened September 5th of 2016 for an adult, for example, they would have until September 4th to bring the claim.

For a minor, someone who is under the age of 18 at the time of the accident, they have until the day before their 20th birthday, which would be two years after the maturity age of 18, to bring their lawsuit. There is an extended statute of limitation time period for people that were minors under the age of 18 at the time of their accident.

Finding out about the Statue of Limitations for Accidents in Fremont

Before someone speaks to an attorney, a person could go to law firms’ websites to find out about Fremont or Ohio statute of limitations for car accidents. They could also Google Ohio statute of limitations for a dog bite case, a car accident case, a personal injury case, or an intentional tort case.

Importance of Hiring a Fremont Car Accident Attorney

It is recommended that someone obtain the services of an experienced Fremont car accident counsel when dealing with issues regarding the statute of limitations in Fremont car accident cases since some victims may not be aware. The victim may understand that the statute of limitations for the accident is two years, but there is a different statute of limitations for different types of personal injury cases. An attorney can help you figure out which statute of limitations pertains to your case.

If your son or daughter was involved in an auto wreck, the statute of limitations may change. If you are worried about the trial date exceeding the statute of limitations, an attorney can explain that. It makes no difference when the trial takes place, even if it goes beyond the statute of limitations. The lawsuit must be initiated and filed in the court of law within the statute of limitations. An attorney can represent you in a court of law as well as provide you with guidance on what to do before, during, and after the trial. Do not hesitate, get in touch with an esteemed attorney today.

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