Collecting Evidence in a Fremont Car Accident Case

Collecting evidence in a Fremont car accident case is one of the most important steps in the litigation process. To determine liability for an accident, juries rely on the evidence presented by the parties’ attorneys.

If you were injured in a vehicle collision, it is important to speak with a dedicated personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. Accident scenes change over time, and memories fade, so it is important to begin gathering evidence without delay.

Types of Evidence

Before filing a claim, Freemont car accident attorneys would gather evidence in a combination of ways. Typically they would interview the victim and obtain their statement. They would also collect evidence such as:

  • The police report and photos
  • Body camera footage from the investigating officer
  • Dash camera footage from the police vehicle
  • Google Earth photos of the accident scene
  • A traffic light sequence from the engineers’ office
  • Witness statements.

The process of collecting this evidence involves going through a checklist of all possible sources of information. On a simple case, it may only take a couple of weeks to collect evidence to present in court. On a complicated case, it could take hundreds of hours to gather all the evidence. This process is crucial for determining liability for the accident.

Surprising Sources of Evidence

Oftentimes, some of the best evidence may come from unexpected places. For example, if the accident happened in a neighborhood, sometimes just knocking on doors could help the attorney find witnesses who were not mentioned in the police report. Putting an ad in the local newspaper can be another way to find witnesses. Another important source of evidence is security cameras from local businesses or residences.

Evidence comes from all places. By using creativity combined with some luck, attorneys find some fantastic evidence to prove the case.

Preparing a Case for Court

After gathering all of the available evidence, attorneys may hire an expert witness, such as an accident reconstructionist. Based on the state of the accident scene, these experts use mathematical probabilities to reconstruct the accident and come to a conclusion about its cause.

The next step in a Fremont car accident case is preparing all the evidence for a courtroom presentation. This process begins by indexing all of the different evidence. The attorney will come up with a theme for the case, or a narrative they will be presenting to the jury. They could use several methods to present the case, such as PowerPoint presentations, poster boards, and video. An attorney with extensive courtroom experience understands how to use the evidence to tell their story most effectively and get their point across to the jury.

Speak With an Attorney About Gathering Evidence

If you were injured in an accident, seek the services of an experienced lawyer as soon as you are able. Collecting evidence in a Fremont car accident case is extremely time-sensitive, and the success of your claim could depend on how quickly an attorney can begin work on your case. Call today to schedule a consultation.

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