Modern motor vehicles are made of thousands of interconnected components, and a problem with even one of those parts can quickly lead to the vehicle as a whole being dangerous to operate. Unfortunately, motorcycles can be especially hazardous if they are defective in some way since riders do not have seatbelts, airbags, or any other safety devices protecting them in the event of a crash, except for maybe a safety helmet.

For that reason, motorcycle defects and recalls in Toledo can sometimes serve as very strong grounds for personal injury litigation, if you can prove you were hurt directly because of a serious defect in your bike. That said, these types of claims can be complicated even by the usual standards of motorcycle injury cases, and you will want help from an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer dedicated to always putting your health and well-being first.

Basic Steps in the Product Recall Process

Product recalls in the United States can be voluntary or involuntary. Most of the time, companies issue voluntary recalls after they discover that something they made and sold has a serious defect in its design, manufacturing, or marketing, in order to minimize their own legal liability for future injuries caused by that defect. Sometimes, though, a defect is so dangerous—or a company is so lax about addressing it—that federal regulatory agencies may step in and issue an involuntary recall.

Either way, companies that recall their own products must inform every customer who ever bought the recalled product about the existence of and reason for the recall. They must also offer to fix the problem with the recalled product—either by repairing it or replacing it with a newer version that does not have the same flaw—free of charge for all owners. For motorcycle recalls in particular, you may receive a notice from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and/or directly from the manufacturer.

When Can You Sue Over a Motorcycle Defect?

If you have been informed of a recall for your brand and model of motorcycle and have been offered a remedy for the defect by the manufacturer, you generally do not have grounds to sue over any injury that defect causes you after that point. However, if you get hurt before you were properly informed of a recall, you may still have grounds to file suit even if the recall is already in progress.

These types of claims are governed by “product liability” law rather than standard “personal injury” law, and in many situations, you can hold manufacturers “strictly liable” for product defects rather than having to prove they were “negligent” in any specific way. A qualified legal professional can discuss your possible recovery options with you in detail during a free and confidential consultation.

Let a Toledo Attorney Help With Motorcycle Defect or Recall Litigation

Learning that a product you thought was safe is instead extremely dangerous can be a uniquely upsetting experience, especially if you only learn about that product’s defect after it causes you serious physical harm. Fortunately, you have help available in situations like this from dependable legal professionals who have experience handling cases like yours effectively in the past.

Our team at Charles E. Boyk Law Offices can help you enforce your rights and proactively demand every cent of the compensation you deserve. Call today to learn more about motorcycle defects and recalls in Toledo.

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