Role of Health Insurance After Toledo Motorcycle Accidents

The role of health insurance after Toledo motorcycle accidents can impact the type of recovery someone receives. A professional motor scooter crash lawyer can help you look at your current policy, deductibles and copays. Contacting an attorney who can help you navigate the type of coverage you have can be beneficial when determining the amount of damages to seek in your claim.

How Important is Having Health Insurance After Toledo Motorcycle Accidents

The intended role of health insurance after Toledo motorcycle accidents is to give the injured party options for medical coverage. Insurance is meant to assist with:

  • Emergency room visits
  • The family doctor
  • Specialist visits
  • Physical therapy
  • Diagnostic studies (CAT scans, MRIs, or X-Rays)

There may be some small copays or deductibles someone may have to pay back subrogation, which means they may have to pay back the health insurance money out of the personal injury settlement or trial. Health insurance allows the injured person to receive the best medical care possible without worrying about the cost.

Why Insurance Companies Ask for or Extra Payments

There is a clause in the insurance contract called subrogation. It is typically in every health insurance agreement. What it says is, “If your injuries are caused by a third party and that third party is legally responsible to pay you money for those expenses and injuries, then we are entitled to stand in your shoes Mr. insurance claimant and collect the money that you would collect to reimburse our moneys paid.” In effect, it is a straight contract provision that is seen in every health insurance policy in Ohio and a large number throughout the United States.

Can Someone’s Health Insurance Coverage Limit their Recovery?

Depending on the case, the role of health insurance after Toledo motorcycle accidents can sometimes limit recovery. For example, under Ohio, if the health insurance is billed $25,000 in medical bills, under the health insurance premium or policy, they pay $15,000. They would have a $15,000 subrogation lien, meaning first dibs on any recovery that a person has out of the personal injury motorcycle accident.

An attorney can work at negotiating down that $15,000 lien. Before the auto insurance company issues any settlement check, their attorney is going to have to get an agreed number that the health insurance is willing to accept as payment in full.

The costs in policies sometimes differ in sum; they want 100 percent of what they paid. Other policies will take a substantial reduction. A large number of policies will require nothing whatsoever. The short-term disability policy is another player that potentially can try to take money out of the settlement. An attorney will review all the documents to determine a person’s legal rights and responsibilities and work at negotiating the number potentially to zero.


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