Impact on Insurance Rates After Toledo Motorcycle Accidents

Under the administrative code, a person is not supposed to have an increase in their policy if an accident was not their fault. However, there is often an impact on insurance rates after Toledo motorcycle accidents.

If a person is in a motorcycle accident and there has been a high claim paid, especially if it is a person’s fault, they can anticipate that their premiums are going to substantially increase. There is less competition, meaning fewer insurance companies write motorcycle coverage. That is the most likely reason that a person is going to have bigger increases in premiums for a motorcycle accident than a car accident because they consider collisions a lot of risk for the insurance companies.

Influential Factors of Changes in Insurance Rates

Many factors can have an impact on insurance rates after Toledo motorcycle accidents. Factors include, who is at fault for the accident, the age of the individual in the accident, if a person is relatively young, or if their kids were in the accident are factors that typically have higher insurance rates. As bizarre as it sounds a large number of insurance companies base the premiums on the credit score of the individual being insured.

There is some algorithm that seems to indicate that people with bad credit rankings end up costing insurance companies a lot more in claims. The factors would be the age, the credit history, responsibility for the accident, number of prior accidents, and driving record.

How to Handle Medical Bills and Health Insurance Negotiations

A person needs to make sure that the hospital or medical provider billed a health insurance carrier. Oftentimes, even though a person gave them their card, they never billed the health insurance and there is a period of six months or a year that they have to bill a health insurance by.

Some health insurances try to run all the bills through the medical payments provision of a person’s auto insurance policy. The reason is if they run it through the health insurance, they have to accept the ordinary reasonable and customary amounts.

Speaking with Health Insurance Companies without Representation

If someone contacts their insurance company about a $500 bill, their health insurance may say, it is only $200. They do not want to do it because they get ripped off to $300. They may want to save the bill and not run through their medical payment provision in which case they can get the $500. A person does not want that because they want to use their medical payment provision to cover can their copays, deductible, and out of network expenses.

Understanding the Role of an Attorney

An attorney can help the injured party try to avoid negative impact on insurance rates after Toledo motorcycle accidents. The health insurance often has its own agenda, meaning they want to pay the least amount of money possible and collect the most money possible. Paying their bills and running their credit history is not something that they perceive as being in their interest. The attorney’s job is to make sure a person’s medical bills get paid, protect their credit history, and make sure all options available as far as getting appropriate medical treatment. As an advocate for the victim, a lawyer can help when negotiating the health insurance rate down.


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