Considering a Toledo Motorcycle Accident Claim

Motorcycle accident cases can become very complicated. Dealing with insurance adjusters, healthcare insurers, doctors, chiropractors, and attorneys representing the insurance company can make resolving a motorcycle injury claim a long, frustrating journey. When considering a Toledo motorcycle accident claim, it can be critical to consider the advice of established legal counsel. A distinguished personal injury attorney can help you obtain fair compensation makes sense unless you have been involved in a minor accident.

Legal Options after a Motorcycle Accident

A motorcycle accident lawyer knows various options and strategies that can employ to resolve a case. After considering a Toledo motorcycle accident claim, some lawyers suggest filing a lawsuit immediately. Urgency has the benefit of putting an individual quickly on track to get their case to trial. The other path an attorney might take is negotiating with the insurance adjuster to resolve the case without having to file a lawsuit. Most attorneys, including those in our office, prefer the second approach.

Lawsuits are time-consuming, expensive, and unpredictable. The benefit of settling a claim with the adjuster is that the individual gets compensated sooner and has a certain outcome. An attorney only files a lawsuit quickly if the adjuster makes an unfair offer that we know is not going to get any better or if the statute of limitations is about to expire. For a routine traffic accident case, the injured person has two years after the accident to file a lawsuit. The statute of limitations for a minor’s traffic-accident case is two years after the minor turns 18.

Awaiting Settlements

Even with this approach, a quick settlement should not be expected. As stated earlier, it is best for the individual to follow a doctor’s treatment plan – even if it takes more than a year – rather than settling the case prematurely. This benefits the individual’s health and case.

Ultimately, a settlement or verdict will be based to some degree on the cost and length of the individual’s treatment. Sometimes going to trial becomes the only option. Speaking with an attorney while considering a Toledo motorcycle accident claim can be beneficial if represented by someone who is willing to try cases if necessary. It can take a long time to get to trial, but it may offer the best chance of getting fair compensation for someone’s injury.

If it is necessary to go to trial, be prepared for a long wait because judges have to juggle numerous criminal and civil cases. It is not unusual for a trial date to be set anywhere from six months to a year after the complaint is filed.

Contact a Motorcycle Accident Attorney

By speaking with a lawyer, you are leveling the playing field between you and insurance companies before trial. Insurance adjusters handle claims for a living. They have a tremendous advantage over most people when negotiating a settlement. This is true even if you are very sophisticated in other areas of your life.

Delaying in hiring a lawyer simply does not make sense when considering the complicated nature of most motorcycle injury claims. People should not be made to feel guilty for pursuing legitimate claims, especially when a child was injured or killed as the result of negligent conduct. Speak with an attorney to begin considering a Toledo motorcycle accident claim for your injuries.

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