Steps to Take Following a Motorcycle Accident in Toledo

You may be considering what steps to take after a motorcycle accident. You could be entitled to a variety of compensation for your injuries if someone’s negligence was responsible for your crash.

A dedicated personal injury attorney can help you pursue the full range of payment you could be entitled to. A Toledo lawyer can also advise you of what steps to take following a motorcycle accident, help protect your legal rights throughout the claims process, and work hard to negotiate for a fair settlement from the insurance company.

First Steps After a Motorcycle Accident

While some motorcycle crashes may require the biker to be immediately transported to the hospital, in other cases, it could be possible for the motorcyclist to exchange contact information with the other party involved.

It is also advisable to contact law enforcement. The police should come to the scene, interview the motorcyclist and driver, and launch their investigation into liability for the collision. The police accident report is often a significant piece of evidence when an injured motorcyclist is filing a claim for compensation. When possible, the motorcyclist should also take photos of the scene of the accident, along with their injuries and the property damage they have sustained.

Seek Prompt Medical Attention and Treatment

When Toledo motorcycle wreck causes a biker to sustain injuries, the next step is to seek prompt medical attention and treatment. A motorcycle crash can cause severe or catastrophic personal injuries, ranging from broken bones and spinal cord damage, to head trauma and internal bleeding. Contusions, lacerations, road rash, and burns are also common in these types of accidents.

There are a few reasons why getting swift medical care is so essential after a wreck. First, delaying treatment could only worsen a biker’s condition and, in some severe cases, be life-threatening. Also, if a motorcyclist is injured and fails to get the treatment they need promptly, they could have trouble when they try to file a claim for compensation later on.

Insurance companies are often reluctant to pay injured parties any compensation. When a motorcyclist delays getting required treatment, the insurer may try to claim that their injuries are minor or unrelated to the motorcycle accident. This could severely impact the individual’s ability to recover compensation for their motorcycle crash injuries.

Filing a Timely Claim with a Toledo Legal Professional

Along the same lines, once the motorcyclist has sought medical attention for their injuries after a collision in Toledo, another crucial step is filing a timely personal injury claim. Ohio Revised Code § 2305.10 provides injured motorcyclists up to two years from the date of their wreck to file a lawsuit against the at-fault driver. However, it is advisable to notify the responsible party’s insurance company as soon as possible.

An injured motorcyclist should speak with a legal advisor first rather than try to communicate with the insurance carrier on their own. Sometimes, these companies will try to get the injured motorcyclist to accept a fast, paltry settlement or get them to admit some measure of liability by taking a recorded statement.

A legal representative can help an injured motorcyclist understand whether they could be eligible for compensation and how to best move forward with an injury claim. They could also take on the responsibility of communicating with the insurance company so the injured motorcyclist can focus on getting treatment and working towards recovery.

Once the time comes to submit a demand for settlement to the at-fault driver’s insurer, the motorcyclist’s legal counsel can make sure that their lost wages, medical bills, pain and suffering, and other damages are claimed and supported by detailed evidence. They could also handle the lengthy and often stressful process of negotiating a motorcyclist’s settlement while pursuing the maximum recovery possible.

A Toledo Motorcycle Accident Attorney Can Help

A qualified attorney can discuss the steps to take following a motorcycle accident in Toledo. They can also explain the laws for your claim and what compensation could be available to you. Contact a lawyer today for more information about your legal rights and starting an injury claim.

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