Safety and Preventive Measures for Toledo Motorcycle Accidents

Safety and preventive measures for Toledo motorcycle accidents could be beneficial for drivers. Some safety measure suggestions include driving slower, using mirrors, and looking out for other motorcycles. A large problem is that since motorcycles are smaller, they often end up in a car’s blind spot and not seen by the automobile driver. That is one of the major reasons why motorcycle accidents tend to be more substantial.

When calling an adept motorcycle collision attorney, a driver should have specific information to begin their defense. This information includes contact information of their insurance company, proof of ownership of the vehicle which is typically going to be in the registration, and perhaps next of kin contact information in case the person is not conscious.

Precautions and Preventive Measures for Motorcycle Drivers

They can wear reflective clothing, drive slower, be much more careful passing cars or trucks, use turn signals earlier, and wear helmets. It is favorable for them to use their hands as turn signals. It would be the best bet for motorcycles to use both hand signals and lighted turn signals because motorcycles are smaller and it is more likely than not that somebody is going to miss a signal. That is why a person needs to be extra careful.

Rules Concerning Motorcycle Helmets

Motorcycle helmets are not mandatory for drivers in Ohio. Typically, if the individual is a passenger or under the age of 18, then there is a requirement to wear a motorcycle helmet. If a person does not wear a motorcycle helmet and there is a head injury, a jury may be more likely to award a percentage of contributory or comparative negligence to that individual. There may be a prejudice, a belief, or an assumption of risk by not doing everything possible to protect them.

Safety and preventive measures for Toledo motorcycle accidents are considerably helpful when:

  • Cooperating with the police
  • Seeking immediate medical attention
  • Get names and addresses of witnesses
  • Take pictures of the vehicles and of the scene of the accident
  • Contacting an attorney

Other road safety measures include driving under the speed limit, using turn signals, having lights on at all times, wearing reflective clothing, and wearing helmets help if the other is at fault for the accident and they are injured to prevent injuries and try to increase their recovery.

Benefits of Having a Camera on a Motorcycle

The major advantage would be objective evidence of the real cause of the accident. There have been several cases where videos from the vehicle, a GoPro, or on the side of the road that was there for some sort of safety camera help to resolve a dispute. Oftentimes, the situation is stuck where there are two or three separate opinions as far as how the accident happened. Having objective evidence of how the accident happened is a gold mine as far as proving a person’s case one way or the other.

Motorcycle operators may be held perhaps unfairly to a higher duty of care. Driving slower, being more careful, going above and beyond the call of duty, and driving defensively are all standards of conduct that a typical Ohio jury may hold the motorcycle driver too. Doing all of those things may help reduce motorcycle accidents.

Common Misconceptions About Motorcycle Safety

There is a common misconception that motorcycle operators are more careless, interested in just speeding and having a good time, and are not necessarily safe drivers. It is not necessarily true. There may be some motorcyclists that fit that description but the same could be said about other motorists. Many people have a prejudice against motorcyclists and their mistakes can result in more serious consequences due to fewer safety features and equipment on a motorcycle versus a car.

To learn more about the safety and preventive measures for Toledo motorcycle accidents, reach out to a dedicated attorney today.

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