The Ohio Department of Public Safety has compiled motorcycle accident statistics by year and age. Their website contains various segments that include the age range of accident victims and the percent that were injured or killed in an accident.

If you suffer motorcycle injuries in Toledo, consult with a trusted motorcycle accident attorney to seek damages for your accident and hold the negligent driver responsible.

Fatal Motorcycle Accidents

The data from the year 2012 shows a total of 163 individuals killed in a motorcycle accident and 3,824 individuals injured. The age group that included the most fatalities was those between 51-55 years old, amounting to 29 people killed and 17.8% of the fatalities. The age group that suffered the second largest number of fatalities was those between 46-50 years old, with 18 people killed, which equates to 11% of the overall motorcycle accident fatalities.

This data is eye-opening as many may not realize how dangerous motorcycles can be when the proper safety precautions are not followed. Motorcycle accidents and injuries in Toledo can be the result of the operator’s failure to control their motorcycle or wear the proper gear, or they can be due to other drivers on the roadway failing to pay proper attention to their surroundings.

Serious Motorcycle Injuries

When looking at the statistics from 2012 of the age groups that suffer the most injuries from Toledo motorcycle accidents, those between the ages of 46-50 had the most injuries at 475, amounting to 12.4% of the total. The age group with the second largest amount of injuries was those between 51-55 years old with 467 injuries and 12.2% of the overall amount. Both were in the top two spots for the number of fatalities.

The reason why these two specific age groups have the most fatalities and injuries associated with them could be because individuals in this age range are likely to have the extra income to be able to purchase a motorcycle for the warmer season.

When looking at the fatality statistics, the age groups that are close together include those between 21-25 years old, 31-35 years old, and 56-60, years old all with an equal 9.2% of motorcyclists killed falling within those groups.

Hire a Toledo Attorney for Help With a Motorcycle Injury Claim

Our office represents victims of motorcycle accidents and we have seen the damage that they cause firsthand. We have made it a point to share information through our blog on the safety tips for riders, as well as tips for drivers to help make the roadways a safer place for everyone. We also stress the importance of riding motorcycles with the proper protective gear. We highly advise all motorcyclists to ensure that they are protecting themselves while out on the road.

To speak to one of our lawyers about injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident in Toledo due to the fault of another individual, call our office.

A personal injury attorney would be happy to review the accident with you and offer guidance to help you gain the most favorable settlement. You can also order a free copy of The Ohio Motorcycle Accident Book for more information about the legal process.

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