Current Cases Car Accident Injuries

$ 950,000
Settlement for a Pedestrian Accident

A 50-year-old man walking on a bridge ends up falling over the bridge onto the ice below.

$ 425,000
Awarded to Auto Accident Victim

Lucas County man seriously injured after car fails to yield to oncoming traffic.

$ 400,000
Auto Settlement

Elderly Fulton, County woman suffers an ankle fracture, a concussion, and a liver laceration as a result of a teenager running a red light in 2016.

$ 325,000
Low Impact Auto Accident Settlement

A 38-year-old man is involved in a low property damage crash and develops chronic back pain.

$ 300,000
Policy Limits Auto / Pedestrian Accident Settlement

College professor is hit in a crosswalk leaving a bookstore in 2017. The investigation reveals a video of the incident.

$ 250,000
Drunk Driver Injury Settlement

Our 31-year-old client hired us as her third attorney on the case. Client was injured with a fractured ankle that resulted in several surgeries and eventually a fusion.