PIP Insurance in Bowling Green Car Accidents

Individuals may be eligible for PIP insurance to cope with the aftermath of a car accident. PIP insurance in Bowling Green car accidents may be designed to alleviate some of the financial burdens an injured person may be left with. A seasoned car wreck lawyer could help you understand if you are qualified to get PIP insurance. Also, a well-experienced attorney may be able to assist you in jumping through the necessary legal hurdles to get the financial help you need.

Personal Injury Protection Availability

Personal injury protection is not available to an insured person in an accident under Ohio law. Instead, there may be medical payment provisions allowed that an attorney could work to obtain for the injured person to help pay the co-pays or use as an interest-free loan if their medical treatment is going to drag on and they are not able to work. PIP insurance in Bowling Green car accidents can provide critical aid for an individual dealing with the aftermath of a car wreck.

PIP Coverage Laws

As mentioned above, PIP coverage is not allowed under Ohio law if it is an Ohio resident. Med-Pay Coverage is an optional coverage that could be in an insurance policy and one of the reasons why it may be important for an attorney to obtain the declaration page. The lawyer could check the declaration page of the insured’s policy to see if medical payments are available. Typically, there are multiple insurance policies available. For example, if a person is a passenger in another person’s car, they are potentially eligible for medical payments through the other individual’s car.

PIP Coverage Impact on a Car Wreck Case

PIP coverage can impact a car accident case as the injured person may have medical providers trying to steal the medical payments provision. For instance, if there is a bill of $1,000 and they run it through the medical payment’s provision, the medical payments will likely pay them $1,000. If the bill is submitted through the health insurance company, the health insurance may pay $400 as payment in full and say that $400 is the ordinary and customary amount paid for the service in the Bowling Green area. An attorney’s job is to aim to maximize compensation and get the medical bills paid for by the health insurance company.

Misconceptions People May Have About PIP Coverage

People and some insurance companies regularly debate whether PIP coverage is applicable. This type of coverage can be available in other states like Michigan or Pennsylvania. Out of state adjusters may not understand the law in Ohio and how the lack of PIP coverage plays into the case. Therefore, if a Michigan insurance adjuster who is not familiar with Ohio law is presented with a PIP coverage case, then they may not include the medical bills and their evaluation of the case. Under Michigan law, an injured person could only collect damages for pain and suffering, inconvenience, and a permanent injury, while under Ohio law, the individual could collect for that plus damages for lost wages and medical bills.

Call to Learn About PIP Coverage in Bowling Green Car Accidents

In Ohio, PIP coverage does not exist except for residents of another state that are injured in Ohio, and then their PIP coverage may apply. For a Michigan resident injured in Ohio, there may be subrogation, meaning they may need to pay back the PIP coverage to the insurance carrier in the other states. However, there is an argument of whether PIP coverage could be subrogated, meaning they whether or not they have to pay it back.

An attorney that reviews a copy of that contract and is aware of the state’s law could make sure an injured person does not get ripped off by their own insurance company. Lawyers could help a person understand PIP coverage in Bowling Green car accidents by answering all their questions, informing them of the laws in Ohio, and explaining and showing them the language in their insurance contract.

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