Ohio Black Ice Car Accident

Black ice caused another driver to hit me. Can I file a claim?

Winter weather and low temperatures can be a recipe for disaster, including black ice on the roadways.

Black ice is often called clear ice and is a coating on the roadway that is transparent. It results in the road being able to be seen through it, hence the name. It is invisible to drivers and has the potential to cause serious car accidents.

When driving on black ice, there is an extreme risk of skidding or losing traction. Motorists should be cautious when driving in temperatures that are below freezing in which black ice may be suspected.

If a driver does not operate their vehicle according to the possibility of dangerous conditions on the roadway and they end up causing a wreck, anyone else injured in the black ice car accident could file an injury claim.

Drivers must always keep in mind that there may potentially be icy patches on the roadway. This means that drivers should operate their vehicle at decreased speeds to prevent them from losing control. This is a part of defensive driving as drivers should always be aware of the conditions of the roadway and how to react.

Car Accident from Reduced Visibility of Snow.

Hit by a Car on Black Ice

If you were operating your vehicle according to the weather and conditions of the roadway, yet you were hit and injured by a motorist who failed to do the same, you should call a lawyer as soon as possible.

Injured in Accident during Level 2 Snow Emergency.

While some may think that accidents that occur during inclement weather cannot result in a proper legal claim, this is false. The at-fault motorist will be held responsible for an accident even if the weather played a factor. The fact is that individuals operating motor vehicles must understand that they should alter the way that they drive according to the conditions of the roadway. If they fail to do so, accidents may occur.

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