Bowling Green Distracted Teen Drivers

Distracted driving is an issue that affects everyone on the roadways. Whether it’s texting and driving, or talking with friends and failing to pay attention to the road, distracted driving is dangerous and can cost lives. A major problem with teenage drivers is that they feel invincible behind the wheel, similar to other aspects of their life. But, it is important for them to realize, hopefully with the help of their parents and articles such as this, that they are not invincible. Driving distracted leads to accidents and those accidents can result in injuries or fatalities. The statistics below from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration show us just how prevalent teenage distracted driving can be. If you or a loved as been involved in a car accident involving Bowling Green, OH distracted teen drivers, contact a skilled vehicle attorney.


  • Nearly 85% of teenage drivers have admitted to driving while distracted yet knowing that it increases the risk of an accident
  • While being asked about distracted driving, 34% of teens claimed to be “good at multitasking”
  • Nearly 1/3rd of teens think that nothing bad will happen to them when they drive distracted
  • Each month, there’s an average of 23 text messages sent by a teenage driver while they are behind the wheel

It is clear that distracted driving is an everlasting problem on our roadways. Although teenagers are educated on the dangers of texting and driving, they continue to do it because they do not believe that it will affect them. The truth is that one text message can cause an accident that could possibly injure another individual, or even kill them.

Importance of Distracted Free Driving

Our office urges parents of teenage drivers to stress the importance of driving distraction free. It is also imperative to set the right example for your children. Do not drive distracted, and inform them of the dangers that texting and driving can bring to themselves, and to others. Bowling Green, OH distracted teen drivers have a higher risk for being involved in a car accident. These distracted driving accidents are preventable.

If you’ve been involved in an accident with a distracted teenage driver who was texting and driving, call our car accident lawyers today. You can review your case over the phone with our experienced legal team to ensure that you take the correct steps towards justice.

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