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In the moments following a car accident, it is normal to be disoriented. Your mind may be racing with a million questions: Am I going to be okay? Is anyone hurt? What do I do? Who should I call?

Bowling Green, OH car accident lawyers have seen this before and are here to help. After a car accident, calling an injury attorney can be one of the most important steps you take after seeking medical attention.

Why You Need An Auto Accident Attorney

Everyone knows someone who has been in a serious accident. Everyone has heard of or seen the devastating or even deadly consequences that can occur when someone drinks and drives, does not pay adequate attention or even falls asleep at the wheel.

When another person’s negligent actions result in serious bodily injury or loss of a loved one, people owe it to themselves to seek compensation with the help of a trusted Bowling Green, OH car accident attorney.

Making a claim is a chance to hold the responsible party accountable so they and others will be more careful in the future. It is also a chance to cope with the expenses that often accompany a major accident. Again, the injuries that may result from a car accident are varied and extensive.

Common Car Accident Injuries

Bowling Green car wreck attorneys have years of experience helping injured parties obtain just compensation. Lawyers understand that each case is unique and will work to secure a fair amount based on their client’s circumstances. Some of the common injuries we have seen — and successfully assisted with — include:

  • Broken bones
  • Punctured or otherwise ruptured organs
  • Brain, nerve, and spine injuries
  • Paralysis

Such injuries can have lifelong and painful consequences. Adjusted living and working facilities, cost of care and medication, surgeries, and time taken from work: these are just a few of the financial stressors that lay in the aftermath of a car accident.

When individuals are struggling with serious or long-term injuries, attorneys certainly do not want them to endure the added financial burden of medical and therapy bills.

Contacting an experienced and qualified attorney is one way to ensure people do not settle for less than they deserve.

Making a Case with a Personal Injury Lawyer

When speaking to a car accident lawyer in Bowling Green, OH they are likely to tell clients to gather any information relevant to their accident. Things they may not even remember right away, or things that seemed insignificant at the time can make all the difference in a case. The following tips may be useful for those who find themselves in an accident:

  • Obtain medical records. Not only is seeking immediate medical attention important to the individual’s health, the records are an indication that their injuries are real, and not simply an act to get money.They can also help prove the extent, the severity and the financial cost of the injury.
  • Take photos. If safely able to do so, using any camera available can help paint a clear picture of the accident to an attorney.Photograph the injuries, road signs, the weather conditions, and anything that may have contributed to or been impacted by the collision.
  • Talk to witnesses. The more people who can corroborate the claimant’s version of events, the better.Insurance claims adjusters are paid to offer as little money as possible. It is important that credibility remains airtight.

Contact a Bowling Green Car Accident Attorney Today

If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident in Bowling Green, it is important that you speak to a legal professional as early as possible.

With attentiveness, patience, and tenacity, we will listen to your story, gather the evidence and fight for the compensation you deserve. Contact our Bowling Green, OH car accident lawyers today.

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