Unique Aspects of Findlay Workers’ Compensation

Seeking workers’ compensation of any kind can be an intimidating process. Someone who has suffered a work-related injury should consider researching the potential unique aspects of Findlay workers’ compensation. A proactive workers’ compensation lawyer could review the incident that led to your injury and help you seek fair compensation. If you or a loved one were injured while performing a work-related duty, call today and schedule an appointment to begin exploring your legal options.

Differences in the Way States Refer to Certain Damages

It is common for workers’ compensation to differ from state to state. Each state generally has its own stipulations in regards to how it wants to handle workers’ compensation claims. While each state may have a similar framework for addressing claims from injured workers, some states have higher benefits than others. Additionally, the way states refer to certain damages such as pain and suffering could be different. In Ohio, pain and suffering is called a permanent and partial disability. While this is one of the ways workers’ compensation may differ from state to state, a person should speak with a lawyer to further assess the unique aspects of Findlay workers’ compensation claims.

Employer Requirements in the Context of Workers’ Compensation

Under Ohio law, all employers generally need to file for workers compensation. It could be a state-funded employer which often means the employer pays into a state fund and is more of an insurance situation. Self-insured (SI) employers are private employers with a private system that typically do not pay into the state fund. Some states do not have SI employers and everyone is required to pay into the state fund. Ohio generally allows employers to choose which type of workers’ compensation they want to have.

Main Distinctions Between Privately and Publicly Funded Workers’ Comp

A typical difference between privately and publicly funded workers’ compensation is that not all privately funded workers’ compensation carriers, which are self-insured employers, actually file their claims with the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation. For example, an SI employer may not file the claim for one of their injured workers with the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation. If the injured individual has a workers’ compensation lawyer looking out for them, they could file the claim because all of the injured worker’s rights under the system only apply if it is filed correctly with the State of Ohio and they have an Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation claim number.

General Overview of Benefits for Injured Workers

An injured worker is generally entitled to receive temporary total compensation to compensate them for lost wages for their time off work. They are also typically entitled to receive their medical benefits to pay their medical bills. An injured individual may also be entitled to recover for permanent partial disability which uses the American Medical Association disability guidelines. Under a formula, they are often able to recover for their pain and suffering. When someone is disabled for the rest of their life, they could potentially recover for permanent total disability.

Furthermore and when there is a safety violation, the injured individual could possibly file for a violation of a specific safety requirement, in which case the employer is generally penalized and they could receive additional compensation for the safety violation. Potentially, they may also be eligible to file for a lump-sum settlement that could allow them to recover a larger amount of money in a settlement of all their rights under the workers’ compensation claim.

Partner with a Findlay Attorney to Evaluate Aspects of a Workers’ Compensation Claim

Following the incursion of a work-related injury, a person should speak with a diligent lawyer who is familiar with the application and filing process. Discussing how the unique aspects of Findlay workers’ compensation with a well-informed attorney may strongly influence your filing experience. If you or a family member sustained an injury on the job, reach out today and schedule a legal consultation. A work-related injury does not have to drain a person’s financial security, there could be benefits available to help alleviate your unexpected financial burden.

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