Findlay Workers’ Compensation and Employment

When someone suffers an injury while at work or performing the duties of their job, they may benefit greatly from learning about Findlay workers’ compensation and employment. A dedicated workers’ compensation lawyer could review the factors that contributed to your injury and work to demonstrate how an employer may have acted negligently. If you or a loved one sustained an injury at work, call and schedule an appointment for a consultation to start discussing potentially applicable legal strategies.

Important Steps Following a Workplace Accident

While many employers take steps to help ensure workplace safety, the procedures and policies put in place may not provide complete coverage. If a person becomes injured at work or while performing the duties of their job, they may want to consider taking several steps that may help the worker’s compensation claim process in the future. Some of the most important things to do following an accident are to report the injury to the employer or supervisor, fill out an accident report, and seek immediate medical attention. They should get a diagnosis and follow-up with a Bureau of Workers’ Compensation approved doctor for further medical attention. Additionally, they should work with the doctor to make sure they fill out the correct paperwork.

Generally, an employer is supposed to notify an injured worker that they are eligible for workers’ compensation. However, this does not always happen and an injured individual should try to take a proactive approach to protect their legal rights.

Filing a Workers’ Compensation Claim

When someone files a valid workers’ compensation case, within seven days they typically receive a black and white card with a claim number from the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation. They have a claim number and a phone number to contact the health maintenance organization. An injured person typically uses the claim number like an insurance card to seek medical treatment.

If they do not get the claim number within a reasonable period of time, they should contact the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation directly or contact an attorney to determine what went wrong. A lawyer who is well-versed in Findlay workers’ compensation and employment could examine the situation and advocate on an injured person’s behalf.

Taking Care When Filing a Claim

It is important to tell the complete truth when filing a workers’ compensation claim. The employee should truthfully fill out all the information in the employee sections of the file including their date of hire, job title, and rate of pay. Most importantly, they generally need to briefly explain the circumstances of how their injury occurred and the time period. They may be cross-examined in the future based on the truth or falsity of the circumstances they described.

While some employers are reasonable, other employers may make things difficult for an injured person. As a result, a single mistake could significantly and negatively impact a person’s workers’ compensation claim.

Contact a Lawyer About Workers’ Compensation and Employment in Findlay

If you experienced a severe injury while working, consider speaking with a reliable attorney who understands Findlay workers’ compensation and employment. They could help someone who has been injured on the job fight for fair compensation from employers. Call today and arrange for an appointment to begin assessing your legal options.

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