Common Mistakes Made When Seeking Workers’ Compensation in Findlay

Workers’ compensation cases are not always simple. It may be in an injured person’s best interests to learn about the common mistakes made when seeking workers’ compensation in Findlay. Awareness of these potential pitfalls may substantially improve a person’s experience and ability to obtain compensation. If you were injured during a work-related incident, contact a diligent workers’ compensation lawyer. They could review the aspects of your case and help fight for the compensation you need. Call today and arrange for a meeting to begin assessing your legal options.

Mistakes to Avoid When Filing a Workers’ Compensation Claim

It is relatively easy to make a mistake when applying for workers’ compensation. Someone who is interested in starting this process may strongly benefit from learning about the common mistakes made when seeking workers’ compensation in Findlay. A dedicated workers’ compensation lawyer could help outline the different steps of the process and go over the various mistakes in depth.

A second major mistake often involves the two-year statute of limitations to file a claim. If someone believes their injury will improve and they wait until the two years is passed, they typically lose their right to file the claim. The third mistake is not retaining qualified legal counsel. In most cases, the injured individual is unfamiliar with the paperwork process and may struggle with knowing which forms to file. Filing an incorrect form or failing to submit a form may significantly damage a person’s ability to pursue a claim. Additionally, the person may not understand the standard of proof or how to get their doctor to work with them to advance their claim.

Failing to Report an Injury

When a person suffers a work-related injury it is important to file the first report of injury (FROI) which is a form under Ohio workers’ compensation. If a person does not file an FROI, they may never get a claim number and as a result, may not have a valid claim to pursue under Ohio law.

It is common for people who are injured at work to try to address their injuries independently instead of filing for workers’ compensation. When this happens, it may be due to the individual’s fear of potentially losing their job. However, failing to report an injury immediately or refusing to get medical treatment may substantially harm a person’s worker’s compensation case.

For example, if a person who suffers a knee injury at work and fails to report it or receive immediate medical attention could later find out later that they need surgery. Attempting to demand workers’ compensation for that surgery may become complicated because the injury was never reported or addressed. The employer may not believe that the injury occurred at work and refuse to pay for the surgery.

Understanding Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Another common issue is that an injured person may not know which benefits are available to them. For example, the individual may qualify for vocational rehabilitation if they are unable to return to their prior job or they could be paid to be retrained for new job skills by the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation. These are benefits that someone without consistent familiarity with workers’ compensation may be unaware of or misinterpret.

Furthermore, if one is unable to return to their job and they have to take another job at a lesser rate of pay, they are generally eligible for working wage laws which could pay the difference between what they made previously and what they make at their new job which is less strenuous and pays less.

In short, a person who has sustained severe work injuries should consider speaking with an adept workers’ compensation lawyer to optimize their eligibility for potential benefits. Attempting to secure workers’ compensation could lead to a person unknowingly forfeiting certain benefits and a large amount of money.

Work With a Lawyer to Avoid Mistakes When Seeking Workers’ Compensation in Findlay

Partner with a resourceful attorney to increase your awareness about the common mistakes made when seeking workers’ compensation in Findlay. Taking time to meet with a lawyer who is well-practiced in advocating for injured employees in workers’ compensation cases could significantly and positively impact your case. Call today and schedule an appointment to begin assessing the legal strategies that may be advantageous to your case.

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