Appealing a Workers’ Compensation Decision in Findlay

Workers’ compensation is available to help many employees injured at work. However, sometimes insurance companies deny these claims, and workers may be unsure where to turn.

If your claim was denied, appealing a workers’ compensation in Findlay may give you a second chance. This process is complex, however, and it can be difficult to assemble the evidence needed for a successful appeal. For help with your case, you should seek the services of a seasoned workers’ compensation lawyer. They could handle the details on your behalf so you can focus on recovery.

Reasons for Claim Denials

Typical reasons for denial of workers’ compensation are:

  • Filing the wrong forms
  • Failing to file a claim on time
  • No medical evidence that links the accident to causing the specific injury

Additionally, there could be other reasons for the injury. A claim could be denied if the injury was a pre-existing condition or if it was not caused by the work on the specific date in question.

Filing an Appeal

If a claim is denied, a person should begin appealing a workers’ compensation decision in Findlay immediately. The appeal must be filed within the 14-day appeal time period. Otherwise, the claim could be time-barred from ever being allowed. A person could file the appeal’s paperwork by mail, but it is better to file it online with the Bureau Workers’ Compensation.

The individual fills out a form online indicating that they are appealing a specific decision. They may submit additional evidence prior to the actual hearing. The hearing might not be scheduled for 30 to 60 days after the appeal period. If someone loses the initial decision, they need to provide additional evidence to prevail at the hearing.

In some cases, appealing a decision may not be in an injured worker’s best interest. For example, an appeal may not be beneficial if there is no evidence to support the claim. Another reason is when the employee determines that the benefits of their health insurance and short-term disability are more favorable than what is available under the workers’ compensation system

How a Lawyer Could Help

The workers’ compensation attorney’s job is to understand the system. They need to know what evidence is needed to win and should work as a team with the client to obtain that evidence. The workers’ compensation lawyer files the evidence, attends the hearing, and orally argues the evidence in front of the hearing officer.

To ensure a workers’ compensation claim is successful, it is important to have medical evidence that meets the legal standard with a reasonable degree of medical certainty that the allowed condition being sought was caused by the industrial claim. It is also helpful to have the claimant at the hearing tell their story about what took place and describe the facts surrounding the injury and their follow-up treatment.

Contact an Experienced Attorney in Findlay

Appealing a workers’ compensation decision in Findlay could give injured workers’ a second chance to receive the benefits they need. If your claim was denied, you could benefit from the services of an experienced workers’ compensation attorney. They could guide you through every step of the appeals process, from gathering evidence to presenting the case in a hearing. Call today to discuss your situation and begin building a case.


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